Bela gets really angry when Pabitra tries to check her pulse. She snaps at everyone saying she doesn’t believe in all this crap. No…it doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe in them. She says she has her own set of superstitions that she believes in. Well, after all, this Naagin… you have to believe in every corny to actually watch this show. Anyway, moving on, Bela tries to calm herself and decides to concentrate on her job She goes to her room where Maahir is working on a laptop. She contemplates how to kill Maahir and gets reminded of Guruji’s words.

Maahir gets a saree for her. They have a moment. Bela asks him why is he so nice to her when she has only been rude to him. Finally, she realised. She asks Maahir to do a favour and hug her. Bela is not happy about it but does it anyway. Bela apologises to Maahir for making him hug her because as Guruji said, anybody who hugs Bela dies because she is filled with poison. Bela goes back in time to relive those ties when Yuvraaj and Maahir along with others kill Naagraj. But she was imagining things and comes out of her reverie. Bela suddenly decides to take a shower and thinks about the task ahead. But then she is about to trip and Maahir is there to rescue him. They have a moment again. Bela tries get out of his grip because she realises if he touches her, Maahir will die. She freaks out. But Maahir doesn’t let go off him. Maahir tries to understand why Bela doesn’t like him at all. He asks some valid questions. Maahir tries to understand why Bela is always distant with him. Maahir says everything except for confessing his love for her. Typical! 
Bela suddenly starts feeling dizzy. Maahir picks up in his arms and takes her out of the shower. He fixes her foot. But she again starts feeling dizzy and while taking support, scratches her cheeks. Maahir tries to call the doctor but she stops him. Maahir is very worried for her. Suddenly Bela starts apologising which leaves Maahir in shock. Maahir goes to get change for Bela because both of them are wet. Bela keeps saying sorry and stops Maahir from calling anyone. Bela goes changes clothes while Maahir waits. She is having difficulty removing the pin from the saree. Maahir helps without looking at her. She asks him to leave so that she can change but a worried Maahir doesn’t budge. Bela tries to wear the saree but feels dizzy again. Maahir again saves her. He wraps the saree around her as a caring husband. Bela is smitten by him but is sad because she has to kill him. They have a staring contest… Bela starts crying and Maahir starts apologising for wrapping the saree around him. Bela then hugs him and apologises profusely for killing him. Obviously, Maahir has no clue why she is saying sorry 20 times over. Finally, the poison starts reacting on Maahir and he feels dizzy. Bela is crying and asking him why didn’t he leave her when there was still time. Strangely, Bela collapses whereas about-to-die Maahir looks for solutions to cure Bela. Maahir tries in vain to call for help but poison starts reacting quickly on him now People are sitting in the living room but no one looks up at Maahir who is on the verge of collapsing. And finally, he rolls down the stairs! Everyone rushes to get to him.
Meanwhile, the inspector is getting himself bugged by microphones and stuff because he is going to Maahirs house to get more proofs about Bela. Vish spies on him. The Inspector resolves to capture what Bela is in his camera today. Bela, who was till now unconscious, suddenly wakes up and looks for Maahir. People below are calling the doctor. The doctor tells them that Maahir’s body is getting colder because of the poison in his body. Everyone is shocked and Anu points towards Bela. The doctor says he is in danger and might die soon. He then advises them to admit him in the ICU. Bela overhears everything and regrets killing Maahir. Vish calls Bela to tell her that the inspector will be there soon when she tells Vish that she killed Maahir. Vish is shocked.

In the next episode, somebody attacks Bela and people attend Maahir’s funeral.

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