Queen of witches Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) and Naagrani Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) face off to spice up a big mystery in Naagin 3
With the passing days of Naagin 3,

It seems that the mystery and Bela’s revenge saga is getting intensify.

Where earlier the witch Jamini tried her best to get naagmadi from Bela but eventually Bela ended her game.

Now a new witch is behind the Naagmadi and a big shock to all the viewers, Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) is the new witch and finally she also got succeed in getting naagmadi from Bela.
Bela opens her deadly war
Bela is granted some immense supernatural powers to find out the naagmadi and the thief.

Where the Queen of witches Sumitra is in disguise of human and befriends Bela she fools Bela taking her in confidence,

It would be quite interesting to watch if Bela discover Sumitra’s witch identity.

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