Krishna Chali London: Radhey’s big dilemma post Prashant confessed love for Krishna
The interesting storyline of Star Plus show Krishna Chali London is witnessing major twists and turns in Radhey’s love life.

After Radhey witnessed Prashant and Krishna together, Radhey is left restless as he can’t imagine Krishna getting away from him.

While his dilemma lands him in major trauma, he questions Krishna about her last choice, Radhey or Prashant?

Krishna’s confession to Radhey once again brings new hope in Radhey’s love life,
But who knew that his happiness will not last for long.

Dubey makes Krishna leave Radhey
Dubey wants Krishna to part ways from Radhey and get reunited with Prashant.

Where Radhey and Krishna both are shocked to see Dubey’s divorce appeal to end their relation, it would be quite interesting to watch how Radhey will win Dubey’s trust.

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