Omkara scolds Shivaay for fixing Anika and Nikhil's wedding. Gauri tells Anika not to take any decision in haste. Gauri advises Anika to follow her heart, Anika says she has left everything to destiny. Shivaay tells Omkara that Anika should marry the one she loves. In the morning, Shivaay checks on the wedding arrangements in the Oberoi Mansion. OmPri observe Shivaay's restlessness. Shivaay goes to fix the lights, he suddenly senses Anika's arrival, lights go deem as both see each other. Shivaay and Anika share a moment. Priyanka teases Shivaay. Omkara gets happy as Gauri will be staying at Oberoi Mansion till the wedding. Chachi offers to help, Shivaay asks her to relax. All get ready for the Mehendi function, Omkara saves Gauri from falling, rose petals fall on them and both get lost in each others' eyes. Priyanka teases them. 
OmPri miss Rudra. Gauri gets Shagun Mehendi for Anika. Shivaay gets mesmerised looking at Anika. Shivaay welcomes Nikhil and his family. Anika keeps looking at Shivaay, Anika notices a ladder falling on Shivaay, she says Shivaay, Khanna saves Shivaay. Shivika look at each other. nikhil sees Shivaay's name in Anika's mehendi and gets furious.

Ishqbaaz 17th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode
All get shocked. The Mehend girl says she though Shivaay is going to be Anika's husband. Chachi tells Anika to wash off hand, Anika goes. Anika tries hard, but cannot wipe off the name. Shivaay offers to help, but Anika's mehendi gets onto Shivaay's palm. Anika calls it destiny. Nikhil comes, Anika apologizes, Nikhil takes Anika with him. Omkara tells Shivaay that he is the first man who is getting his wife married to someone else. nikhil's mother gives Shagun to Anika, she notices sindoor in Anika's hairline and gets shocked. All get shocked, Nikhil gets angry. Shivaay signals Anika not to reveal. As Anika is about to reveal the truth, Shivaay burns his hand. 
Anika runs worriedly to Shivaay. Nikhil and his family watch Anika angrily. Shivaay tells Anika to focus on her ritual, Anika refuses. Shivaay reveals he purposely burnt his hand to stop Anika from revealing the truth. Anika gets shocked and rudn to the room. Shivaay comes and confronts Anika. Shivaay tells Anika that once she is married to Nikhil she will not even remember Shivaay. He tries to remove the sindoor, Anika stops him. Anika tells him if evrything has to be decided by the destiny, whatever has to happen will happen.


Nikhil screams at Anika and tells her that he wants to talk to her right away. Chachi tries to stop Nikhil. Nikhil warns Gauri to stay away and forces Anika to go with him. All remain shocked.

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