Shivaay praises Anika in front of Nikhil's mother, Nikhil's mother says Shivaay should have married Anika, Shivaay stops suddenly from admitting that he actually married Anika. Nikhil's mother walks off with Nikhil. Anika leaves with Gauri. OmPri question Shivaay, he walks off. OmPri get confused. Shivaay speaks to someone on the call and tells he will handle the situation. Next day morning, Shivaay meets Nikhil's mother, she refuses to talk about Anika. Shivaay says Nikhil wants to be married to Anika, Nikhil's mother refuses and asks Shivaay's interest in getting them married. Shivaay says he wants to unite them as Nikhil and Anika's wedding broke because of him. Nikhil's mother says they have no money for the wedding, Shivaay takes the whole responsibility of Anika and Nikhil's wedding, Shivaay tells her to keep this to herself. Nikhil's mother agrees happily. Anika tells Gauri that she has got job and feels happy. 
Nikhil calls Anika for a meeting, Anika makes an excuse of being busy. Nikhil informs Shivaay. Shivaay calls Anika, she happily picks up and agrees to meet him. Anika tells him about the job, Shivaay says they must celebrate. Nikhil feels weird. Gauri confronts Anika about her behavior towards Nikhil and Shivaay. When Anika's door gets knocked, she stops Gauri from opening the door and goes herself.
Anika happily opens the door for Shivaay, Anika feels anxious. Shivaay says Anika deserves a respectable wedding and asks her to says yes. Anika says yes, Shivaay and Anika hug each other happily. Suddenly both get conscious, Anika's earring gets stuck in Shivaay's shirt, he removes it carefully. Anika agrees for the wedding, Shivaay then reveals about Nikhil. Anika gets shocked. Nikhil's mother happily tells Nikhil that their plan of getting money and getting him a job has worked. Nikhil says they are making Shivaay pay for them. Nikhil says they must make use of Anika as she is Shivaay's weakness. Shivaay tells Anika that he is doing it all for her happiness. Anika says she doesn't know in what her happiness lies. 
Shivaay proposes to Anika for Nikhil and ends up asking Anika if she would marry him. Nikhil walks in with his parents. Nikhil holds Anika's hands and urges Anika to move on with him. Nikhil's mother apologizes to Anika. Chachi says if Anika agrees, she is fine. Shivaay says he will handle Anika's wedding. Nikhil holds Anika by her arm, Shivaay feels uncomfortable. He leaves feeling hurt and forces himself to stop thinking about Anika. Anika stops him and asks him if she should marry Nikhil or no as Shivaay is deciding everything for her. Shivaay says he wants happiness for Anika as she is his friend. Anika asks Shivaay if he is doing the right thing. Shivaay says she should marry the person she likes. And if there is confusion, they should leave it on the destiny. Anika and Shivaay walk away from each other feeling hurt.

Precap: Nikhil's mother gives shagun to Anika, she gets shocked to notice sindoor in Anika's hairline. Shivaay signals Anika to not tell the truth.

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