Anika warns Shivaay that she can do anything for her family and tells Shivaay to leave. Shivaay refuses Anika from sitting in the Puja, Anika remains adamant on attending the Puja. Shivaay challenges Anika that he will not let her sit for the Puja and burns her clothes. Anika tries to save her clothes and confronts Shivaay. He leaves for the Puja, Anika breaks the vase, Shivaay stops, Anika locks the door. Anika screams at Shivaay for his behavior and attitude. Anika says she has to become the Khidkitod Anika. She challenges Shivaay that one day she will make Shivaay accept her as his wife with all the respect. Shivaay instigates Anika and tells Anika to leave from Oberoi Mansion. Anika says she will leave only when Shivaay realizes his mistake and tells Shivaay to go for the Puja. 
Anika tells Shivaay to get clothes for her, she warns Shivaay that she will tell what Shivaay did to her to OmRu and Dadi. Shivaay phones Khanna to get clothes for Anika. She tells Shivaay to choose the Saree for him, Shivaay remains shocked. Shivaay refuses to go with Anika for the Puja, Anika warns him about OmRu and Dadi. Anika gets ready, She puts the sindoor and mangalsutra.
Anika also makes Shivaay take selfie with her, Shivaay walks off. Tia gets shocked to see Shivaay coming for Puja with Anika. Tia calls Daksh and scolds him, Daksh consoles her and says he has a plan. Dadi refuses to bless Anika, Omru console Anika. 
As Anika is about to sit for the Puja, Tia comes in with Priyanka's friends for the Puja. Shivaay asks Tia to sit with him for the Puja. Before Tia can sit, OmRu sit on either side of Shivaay. Rudra tells Anika to get flowers. Rudra gets up and makes Anika sit next to Shivaay, Tia gets angry. Pandit asks Shivaay if he is married, OmRu say yes. Tia gets annoyed. Dadi tells Shivaay to focus on the Puja. Shivaay says he alone will do the Puja. Pandit tells him to close his eyes and put the flowers in the fire, without letting them fall on the floor. Anika saves the flowers from falling on the floor, show supports Shivaay's hands. Both remain mesmerized and do the Puja looking at each other. Pandit suggests that Shivika should do the Puja together. Everyone prays for Priyanka's long life. Puja gets over, Daksh comes. Daksh once again plays with Shivaay's emotions. 
Daksh gives him the Payal made by Banaras Pandit. Daksh says if Shivaay makes his wife wear the Payal, Priyanka will be fine. Tia gets happy, Shivaay looks at Tia. In the upcoming episode, Omru challenge blindfolded Shivaay to recognize his wife amid all the girls,  Rudra screams as Anika's saree catches fire, Shivaay turns.

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