Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 14th August 2018 written update
The episode starts with Mauli's mother comes home and Deeda tells her that Nandini has started her cooking classes.

Mauli's mother says that she has come with full planning in the house so Nandini gets an upset hearing this.

Nandini serves halwa to everyone and everyone likes it just then Mauli-Kunal comes home.

Mauli says to everyone that she will soon tell them a secret and they will get the happy hearing it.

Kunal opens champagne and serves it to everyone, Kunal writes a special message for everyone on pizza and then serves it.

Kunal writes I love you on pizza and gives it to Mauli but she asks him to give it to Nandini.

Nandini gets shocked seeing it, Nandini goes into the kitchen and Kunal comes to talk to her but she goes from there.
Nandini avoids Kunal
Kunal asks Mauli about her secret but she does not tell anything to him.

Mauli gets romantic with Kunal but Kunal goes to the washroom for getting freshen up.

Nandini sees akhand jyot getting blown off so she runs towards so that she can stop it from getting blown off.

Kunal also comes there and he asks Nandini to share with him what is going on in her mind.

But she does not speak anything so he says to Nandini that if he is the reason behind her tension then he will not show his face to her.

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