Ishqbaaz Spoiler Alert: Shivaay shocked seeing major transformation in Anika
In the upcoming story of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz loyal viewers will get to witness interesting track as Anika force Shivaay for selfie leaving him shocked.

It seems Anika will decide to sit for Pooja where they will be praying for Priyanka’s speedy recovery.

Gauri fulfils Anika’s needs of basic necessities where she heaves sigh of relief on getting her belongings.
Further Anika will be seen getting back in old avatar of Khidkitod Anika which will click Shivaay’s heart once again seeing big transformation in Anika post marriage.

Shivaay goggle eyed seeing Anika in saree
Anika will not sit quiet where Shivaay will stand goggle eyed seeing Anika dressed up in saree.

Anika will click one selfie with husband Shivaay leaving him shocked over her gaining back self confidence.
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