The Episode starts with everyone getting happy that Ananya is fine. Raghav’s wife Chanda asks how is my daughter. Doctor says she is fine now. Parmeet goes. Ishita looks on. Chanda meets Ananya and cries. Chanda thanks the doctor. He says you should thank them, they got your daughter here on time. Simmi says you are innocent to believe her, Ishita tried to kill Ananya, inspector arrest her, she is dangerous, she can do anything. Mani says inspector, you know Raman and Ishita, they can’t do this. Shagun says yes, Ishita can never hurt children.

Inspector says come with us, Ananya’s mum gave statement, we need to question you. Raman and Ishita leave. Parmeet smiles. Raman asks Ishita not to take stress, they will say just the truth. They get tea and get puzzled. Inspector says this tea is for you, sorry for the trouble. Ishita asks what do you mean. Inspector says we took statement of Chanda, listen to it. Chanda says someone blackmailed me, he made me unconscious and when I got conscious, I was in Raman’s car. Inspector says we also doubt on Parmeet, he can kill anyone, he made someone do this kidnapping, I want you to help me. Raman asks how. Inspector says you can keep an eye on Parmeet, we will do this drama to mislead him, you can go home, we called your relative here. Shagun comes and says I will tell the family that Mani and I got you guys bailed. Ishita says thanks, I m worried for Chanda and Ananya. Inspector says they are given police protection don’t worry.
Simmi says Shagun is clever, she got them bailed, what happened to you now. Parmeet says I think police is with them, Ishita is a big fraud, she got saved after killing our Ananya. Simmi says they should be in jail. Parmeet says its easy to play with laws, if law doesn’t punish them, we should punish them. She asks what do you mean. He says Ishita is a thorn in our way, we will move it away. She asks what do you want to do. He says we will kill Ishita. She gets shocked. She asks did you go mad, no. He says we have to kill her, she is power of this house, your family hates you. She says no. He gets a box and says its Ananya’s toys, Ishita saved her daughter, we lost Ananya, she would have been alive today, we are doing this for our revenge for Ananya’s death. Simmi says yes, we will never forgive Ishita, police let them go easily. He says yes, maybe they told police that they doubt us, they escaped and trapped us. She says if police is with them, if we kill Ishita, we will be caught. He says why will we kill her, we need to find the weakest link in this family, she will do this. She says who can kill Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla says thank God you got free. Raman and Ishita see the baby. Ishita says I will make him sleep. Mihika says I will take him. Ishita says you got friendly, he is understanding your touch. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi didn’t stay quiet, you didn’t get friendly with him. Raman says she is Jhansi ki rani, if I m scared of her, he will be scared too. Ishita throws cushion at him. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and asks Ishita to stay away from baby. Parmeet and Simmi look on. He says mummy ji is the one, didn’t you see how she taunted Ishita, she will do our work, Ishita loves her family a lot, now a family member will take her life. Simmi thinks. Its morning, Mihika asks baby to sleep, till then she will take a shower and come. Simmi and Parmeet come there.
Simmi says he is a little baby, what are we doing this with baby. He says we are not giving him poison, we have to do this. He feeds something to baby. Baby cries. Mihika looks out of washroom and asks baby not to cry, be a good boy. Parmeet and Simmi hide and leave. Ishita is on call. Mihika gets baby and asks Ishita to see baby, he is crying a lot. Ishita says maybe he has a stomach ache, he has normal temp. Mihika says he may have internal fever, I have given him medicine at night. Ishita checks temp by thermometer and says he is normal, its mercury thermometer, its perfect. Mihika says its not digital thermo. Simmi dips thermometer in hot water. Parmeet says when Mihika uses this, she will see 103. Ishita says baby has no fever, Mihika is getting hyper. Raman smiles.

A lady tells about Shukla mata. Mrs. Bhalla takes the address. Shukla Mata tells her about an evil spirit around baby.

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