The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira seeing each other. Suwarna sees Dadi. Dadi thinks of Suwarna’s words. Everyone comes home and gets shocked seeing the goons fallen. Devyaani and Naksh ask what happened, are you fine. Kartik says we are fine. Dadi asks are you threatening me. Suwarna says I tried to talk well, but you didn’t listen, don’t try to unite Kartik and Naira. Dadi asks who are you to decide this. Suwarna says I m Kartik’s mum. Dadi says I m his Dadi. They argue. Dadi says I have raised him up, he didn’t get under your shadow. Suwarna says he was a kid, immature, now he understands me, he knows it well that I love him and want him to be happy. Naksh asks how did you handle this, how did goons come in, Kartik how did you come, Naira did you call him. Dadi says I supported you since two years. Suwarna says why did you get against me, what happened overnight. Dadi says why do you bother, I have decided.

Suwarna says this relation won’t unite. Dadi asks will he stay alone all life. Suwarna says no, I will get him married to Ashi, I spoke to pandit ji. Dadi says you have hidden it from me. Suwarna says even you didn’t tell us. Bhabhimaa and Naksh ask what happened. Kartik says Lav and Kush… Naira says Mansi…. Kartik says yes, Mansi, I have seen seen shadow behind Naira when she was talking to Mansi, I had doubt and came here. Naira asks are you understanding what happened. Dadi says Ashi will just be Kartik’s friend. Suwarna says Naira is just his past and will be that. Dadi says I will save their relation. Suwarna says I will break their relation. Kartik asks are you fine. Naira nods. They think of old moments. He says it was a slip of tongue. She says its okay, I don’t care. He says you also talk anything, we shall meet tomorrow. She says you will get a good welcome. He says its my sister’s Sangeet. She says yes, its in my house, I will welcome you well, unlike your way to welcome guests. He goes.
Its night, Naira thinks how she used to dance. She sees her leg and cries. She tries to dance. She falls down. Kirti comes there. Naira hugs her. Kirti consoles her. Naira says why I lost everything. Kirti says everything will get fine if you want. Naira says no, I can’t dance, I used to stay over excited in every function and today my leg…. 
Kirti says you will recover, don’t worry. Naira says I feel hurt when everyone is dancing and I stand in corner. Kirti says those who can’t walk can fly, I feel its true. She hugs Naira and says we are trying, I m with you, we will surely fly.

Its morning, Kartik dances with Ashi. She says you will have to practice well, come on. Kartik thinks I m just doing this for Mansi. Suwarna does tilak to them. Dadi wards off bad sight and does tilak to Kartik. Manish asks why do mum and Suwarna have tension. Akhilesh says I also felt so, I hope its not serious. Dadi thinks I will explain Naira to think about coming baby.

Goenkas come to Singhania house. Rukmani says I look like a fairy right, our home looks like fairyland right. Manish says yes, beautiful. Naksh says Naira has planned and executed this. Dadi asks where is Naira. Bhabhimaa says Naira went to get ready, she will be coming. Naira comes and smiles seeing Kartik. Ashi hugs Kartik. Kirti teases Naira and asks are you jealous, you got a shock, are you hurt, come now. A lady says I have a private clinic, get her there, have my card, you can call me any time. Dadi says don’t tell anyone. The lady asks who is pregnant, Kirti? Dadi says no, Naira. Suwarna looks on and thinks who is this lady, what is she talking to Dadi.
Kartik sees Naira. O morey saiyyan….plays……. He recalls old moment. He thinks we have gone far away, its stupidity to find happiness this way. Mansi hugs Naira. Kartik thinks why is she throwing attitude. Ashi says amazing decor, I m impressed with your talent. Naira says these days fake things look good than real. Kartik says some people don’t realize this. Ashi says enough Gyaan, come with me Kartik. They go. Rukmani says I will be queen of fairies. Dadi takes Naira with her. Suwarna looks on.

Dadi says you won’t dance today right, you can’t dance in this state. Naira asks who told you, did Kartik tell you that my leg… Dadi says its Lord’s wish, he didn’t tell me, I got to know, make sure you won’t dance, I have already spoken to doctor. Naira asks why. Dadi asks why, am I not related to you. Rukmani comes to call her. Dadi goes. Naira says why was Dadi so concerned about my injury, I thought she hates me.

Kartik dances with Naira on Baahon ke….. Suwarna thinks maybe Dadi did this. He dances with Ashi.

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