Bepanah: Aditya decides to confess love to Zoya unaware about upcoming storm
In the upcoming story of Colors popular show Bepanah loyal viewers will get to witness interesting track as Zoya (Jennifer Winget) break Aditya's (Harshad Chopda) heart by introducing fiancé Arshad.

It seems aDitya has finally realised that he loved Zoya and his world starts and ends with Zoya.

Aditya makes his love confession before Arjun where Arjun too will advice to confess his feelings to Zoya soon before it gets late.
Aditya thus decides to work on Arjun’s advice where he gets ready to confess love feelings.

Aditya shocked hearing Zoya building new relation with Arshad and not him
However, Aditya’s this happiness will be short lived as before he would confess love, Arshad will make his entry introducing self as Zoya’s fiancé leaving Aditya shocked.

Will Aditya still confess his love or will he change his mind?

Let’s wait and watch.

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