In Bepanah upcoming story, viewers will see some major twist and turns in the storyline where Aditya agrees to meet new girl to feel Zoya jealous.

Zoya has taken her decision to get married to Arshad and Aditya is making all efforts to change her decision but of no use.

Zoya had taken a wrong decision by getting married to Yash and now she don't want to let her parents down.

Zoya is not ready to take decision for herself and for her love and there Anjana is eager to keep Aditya away from Zoya.

Anjana plans to keep Aditya and Zoya away
Anjana asks Aditya to see new girl and move on to which Aditya rejects while on other hand Aditya gets a super idea.

Aditya agrees to meet this new girl and has a plan of action and this is his brahmastra to make Zoya realise that she loves Aditya.

Aditya wants Zoya to see him with other girls and get jealous and realise her love.

Stay tuned for future story of Bepanah.

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