Bepanah: Aditya accepts Zoya’s marriage decision with Arshad courageously

Colors popular show Bepanah loyal viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Aditya (Harshad Chopda) accepts Zoya’s (Jennifer Winget) marriage decision with Arshad (Tahir Shabbir) courageously.
It seems Aditya tries his best to make Zoya accept love for him and not Arshad but Zoya is determined to marry Arshad.
Aditya fails to make Zoya confess love for him even though she loves him.
Aditya eases out Zoya’s worry
Thus seeing Zoya’s worry, Aditya decides to accept Zoya’s marriage decision with Arshad as Zoya’s happiness matters a lot for him.
It would be really interesting to see if Zoya be able to understand Aditya’s love and accept him courageously too.
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