Rudra says time for Rudy special punch. Shivaye says don’t think of it, we are the hosts, party is at our place. Om says we don’t want any trouble. They argue. Shivaye says no Rudy special punch. He goes. Rudra sees Bhavya and says what is lady singham doing here, I will find out. He goes and asks did you become commissioner, you forgot what I told you, come here only if you become commissioner, if this was true, I would have read it in newspaper. She asks do you know reading, congrats, I m impressed. He says I can read and write too, don’t give me attitude, I will show you now, maintain this attitude when my brother comes. He calls Shivaye. Shivaye comes and greets her. She says I m not on duty, you can call me Bhavya. He thanks her for coming. He calls Anika and says she is Bhavya. Anika says

I know you, Shivaye told me how you helped him in finding me and arrested Daksh, thanks. Bhavya says that was my duty, don’t say thanks, I feel some connection with you all. Rudra signs and goes to Shivaye. He says Bhavya arrested you.
Shivaye says I forgot that, you also forget everything. He asks Bhavya to come and meet his family. They go. Rudra says he changed and behaving like she is his sister, and I m his stepbrother. Om comes and asks why are you crying. Rudra says Bhavya. Om says go and manage bar. Rudra says why did Shivaye invite her, I won’t give her a drink. Om shouts go. He sees Gauri and greets. He says you…. She says I know, I m looking good. He says nice, I wanted to say, you are looking strange today, I didn’t see you in these clothes before. She says its fine, you don’t have habit to give compliments, I know I m looking good. He says you are Ladaku. She says I know I m a Gundi, call me if men tease you. He says wait, why will mean tease me. Priyanka comes and gives her mask. They go. Anika comes to Om and asks what are you seeing.

He says your sister. She asks what. He says I was seeing that she is really strange. She says yes she is strange, but she is sweet also. Om goes. Shivaye comes. She asks what happened to Om, he is behaving strange. He says Om is bit strange, but very sweet, what happened. She says I have to ask something. He says I have to introduce Mohit. He goes. She says he is very strange, he got the gift, but didn’t give me. Shivaye introduces Mohit. He says he is very special, world knows him as magician Taj, he is just Mohit for me, my best friend, presenting Taj and his lovely wife. Everyone sees Mohit coming to life and stepping out of the mirror. They clap. Mohit does some magic. He gets Nancy there. Everyone looks on surprised and clap. Anika gets shocked seeing Nancy and recalls the gown. She thinks I thought Shivaye got this gown for me, but Nancy….he got it for Nancy.

Nancy dances on Dilbar….. Mohit smiles. Shivaye thinks where is Anika going. Nancy says this dress is really beautiful, whatever happened between us last night, I didn’t think you will do this for me, thanks for making me feel so imp. She holds his hand. He says okay, just enjoy the party. He goes. Om says Shivaye got Nancy’s dress. Rudra says why will he gift her a dress, we will talk to him. Om says we will talk to him once party is over. Anika cries and takes a glass of water. Nancy greets her and asks did you like my entry, and my dress, what happened, are you okay, we are friends, you can share your problems with me, listen, don’t take me wrong, I know you and Shivaye share room, but not the bed. Anika asks who told this to you. Nancy says Taj and Shivaye were talking and I heard it, I know its your personal matter, don’t think you are alone, I m there for you. She goes.

Shivaye takes Anika for dance. Om asks Gauri for dance. Rudra holds Bhavya’s hand. They all dance on janam janam……plays……Dance Partners change. Nancy comes to Shivaye. Anika goes. Shivaye sees Anika and goes after her. He asks why did you leave the party, are you crying, did I make any mistake. She says I did a mistake, you cleared that I shouldn’t keep any hope. I was mad to start dreaming, I have no right to ask you anything, even then I want to complain, you behave well with me, you are a nice person, I was thinking I m making place in your heart, when you gifted that dress to Nancy, I felt bad, I know its common thing in rich people to gift someone’s wife, but I m hurt. He asks why are you hurt. She says it matters to me. He says you think I can do this…. She says you have done this.

Om says you were saying about Anika. Shivaye says I m thinking to tell her. He stops Anika and says I want to say something...

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