Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai shown on star is gets interesting as the duo reunite, the most awaited track of the viewers. Swarna asks Manish about Kartik (Mohsin khan)  he says that he is fine. She also asks about Naira. Manish says that she cares about Naira. Swarna asks Kartik to forgive her. Kartik says that they both need forgiveness. Kartik waits to talk to Naira. Luv and khush receive the call. Kartik asks who it was, they say it was Naira she said that she wants to talk. Kartik thinks that there is some problem. Naira asks  how she slept for so long. Rajeshri tells her that due to the medicines she slept for long. Dadi tells Swarna that Kartik is going to meet Naira, Swarna wakes up she says this can't happen they mutually decided to get divorced. Kartik goes to the isolated place. Naira says that she is confused and can't forgive him. 
On hearing Naira's words, Kartik is about to leave. Naira stops him and tells that she can't forgive him because even she is sorry. She asks him to fogive her. Naira says that she tried to be a good bhabhi and therefore kept the promise she made to Shubham. Naira says that she failed to be a good wife. Naira apologies to Kartik as she dint want to get divorced but dint take the case back. Naira says that she dint try to mend their relationship. Both cry. Kartik says everything will be fine form now they hug each other. Kartik holds her up. Kartik and naira decide to tell their families their decision. They smile at each other. Devyani says that Naira dint tell anyone before leaving. Rajeshri says that Naira informed her. Rajeshri thinks that though Naira did not inform her she knows where Naira is gone. Naira says that she though separation was better for both of them. They joke with each other. Will their family accept their relation? For more updates stories and spoilers on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai stay tuned in.

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