asks Sikandar why he is singing in the bathroom. Sikandar says just like that. Tevar puts a speaker in Kulfi's room where Sikandar sings lullaby for Kulfi. Kulfi gets emotional and hugs the speaker. Kulfi hears the song and goes to sleep. Tevar sees this and cries. Tevar asks God why his own daughter is away from him and is closer to Sikandar. Tevar thinks that he will win Kulfi's heart and he will make her realize that he is her father. Sikandar's mother asks Mohender why he is going against Lovely. Mohender says that Tevar is not right for Kullfi. Sikandar intervenes and says that Tevar loves Kulfi a lot and even made him sing a song for her so she could sleep.

Tevar gives clothes to Kulfi and asks her to choose her clothes. Kulfi says that she does not like to choose all things. Kulfi says that she does not like choosing between him and Sikandar. Kulfi asks Tevar to patch up with Sikandar.Tevar says that she will not understand it. Kulfi says she will have to do something. Lovely confronts Mohender and Lovely tells him that Tevar is a perfect father for Kulfi. Mohender says that he will bring truth to Sikandar that Kulfi is his own daughter. Kulfi cooks something in kitchen. Tevar scolds her for entering kitchen. Kulfi says that she is used to do all kinds of work at home as her Mami made her do all work. Tevar thinks that Lovely gave away Kulfi to a very bad house. Amayra throws tantrum for eating food and Sikandar scolds her. Amayra tells Sikandar that he is telling her all this because of Kulfi. Sikandar makes Amayra understand that she has to respect food. Kulfi feeds pinni to Tevar and he is impressed. Kulfi says Sikandar also likes Pinni. Tevar asks Kulfi if she is doing all this so that he can befriend Sikandar. Sikandar feeds Amayra. Tevar calls up Sikandar but he avoids his call. At night, Tevar meets Sikandar and gives him a tiffin box which has pinni. Sikandar eats it and gets emotional. Tevar says that Kulfi has made it so that they can be friends. Tevar asks Sikandar why he gave so much love to Kulfi. Sikandar says that he feels that he has an old relationship with Kulfi. Tevar says that he is trying to win Kulfi's heart. Tevar tells Sikandar that Kulfi cannot come to his house but he can come to Kulfi's house. Kulfi sees Sikandar's picture and gets emotional. Sikandar walks towards Kulfi's house. Kulfi also rushes out and they hug each other.

Precap: Kulfi asks Tevar and Sikandar to be friends. Amayra tells Lovely that she knows Sikandar is with Kulfi

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