The upcoming twist of Star Plus's show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will show that Sikandar's fatherly love for Kulfi will make him reunite with her despite of his promise made to Amayra. Sikandar and Kulfi are both sad and heartbroken being away from each other and keep remembering one another. Kulfi is hurt by Sikandar asking her not to come to his house again and she also falls very sick being away from Sikandar. Sikandar too feels Kulfi's pain and he even more worried when Tevar infoms him that Kulfi is unable to sleep since many days. Sikandar has made a promise to Amayra that he will never let Kulfi come in his house but Sikandar will soon find a way to reunite with Kulfi without breaking his promise to Amayra. 

Sikandar's doubts on Tevar It will soon be seen that Sikandar will meet Kulfi outside the house and Sikandar's fatherly love will know no bounds as he will hug Kulfi. Sikandar will realise that Kulfi is very important to him and he cannot live away from her. On the other hand, Sikandar's doubts against Tevar will also grow more and more and he will realise that Tevar is not Kulfi's father. How will Sikandar get back Kulfi from Tevar? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. 


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