Tevar tells Lovely that Sikandar insulted their daughter and she did not even come to meet her. Tevar asks Lovely how Kulfi loves Sikandar more than her although she is her own mother. Kulfi comes there and rushes to hug Lovely. Kulfi asks Lovely about Sikandar and Lovely says he is fine. Kulfi picks flowers and tells Lovely to give them to Sikandar from her side. Lovely leaves and thinks that she will make Tevar go far away taking away Kulfi. Kulfi is in park and Tevar starts playing with her. Sikandar also plays with Amayra. Kulfi remembers Sikandar and cries. Mohender calls up Sikandar and tells him to keep an eye on Tevar as he does not seem like a right person. Sikandar says that Tevar's name was written in diary. 

Mohender says that Tevar came all of a sudden and suddenly became Kulfi's father. Lovely takes away phone from Sikandar and tells Mohender to take care of Gunjan. Mohender thinks that he has sowed seeds of doubt in Sikandar's mind. Lovely tell Sikandar that Amayra is happy now and he should concentrate on Amayra.

Kulfi is restless at night and cannot sleep. Tevar goes to Kulfi's room and asks her why she is not sleeping since past three nights. Kulfi says that she is trying to sleep. Tevar tells a story to Kulfi. Kulfi gets scared so Tevar changes the story. Tevar feels sad that his own daughter wants some else's father to be hers. Kulfi says that she will try to sleep. Tevar goes away and Kulfi thinks that she does not like it after coming here. Sikandar strolls in the park at night and runs into Tevar. Tevar tell Sikandar that Kulfi is very sad but still she keeps smiling. Tevar pleads to Sikandar to do one thing for him. Sikandar records a lullaby in his phone. Amayra hears Sikandar singing and asks him why he is singing in the bathroom.

Precap: Amayra tells Lovely that she knows Sikandar has gone away to meet Kulfi. Sikandar and Kulfi meet each other and hug. Lovely tells Amayra that they will go and look for Sikandar.

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