In the upcoming story of Nazar, viewers will get a chance to see major twist to get unfold in the storyline as Pandit Ji to expose Ruby's truth to Vedashree - 10th September 2018.

So far we have seen how smartly Daayan Ruby handles to convince Vedashree and their family that she is a girl with Devi avatar.

In coming episodes we will see that Vedashree will call Mahan Pandit Ji for Ansh-Ruby's marriage.

Where Vedashree will inform Pandit Ji that Ansh is marrying to a Devi Kanya Ruby, whereas Pandit Ji will expose truth of Ruby that she is not a Devi but a Daayan.

Panditji also says that Ruby is Daayan Mohana's puppet and he saw Ruby's Daayan avatar as well as she tried to kill him.

Vedashree-Pandit Ji's major talk on Ruby's real avatar
Vedashree is not ready to digest this and says that they have seen Devi Maa's mark on Ruby's shoulder, where in return Panditji will show her a tattoo of Devi Maa's fake mark which Ruby uses.

Vedashree get shocked seeing this tattoo but still don't want to trust Panditji, on the other hand Pandit ji and Vedashree will plan to expose Ruby in the coming episode.

It will be interesting to see how Vedashree will get 100% sure that Ruby is a Daayan.

Stay tuned for more updates of Nazar serial.

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