Amayra wakes up in middle of night and notices that Sikandar is not there. Sikandar apologizes to Kulfi for his past actions. Kulfi says that he did it because of circumstances. Sikandar asks Kulfi how is she and Kulfi starts crying. Kulfi holds Tevar and Sikandar's hand and asks him to be friends again for her sake. Sikandar and Tevar think about their past fight. Amayra tells Lovely that she knows that Sikandar has gone to meet Kulfi and he will bring her back home. Lovely gets tensed for Amayra. Sikandar and Tevar become friends and Kulfi dances in happiness. Sikandar asks Kulfi to come home and Kulfi says she will not come back till Amayra's anger cools down. Sikandar hugs Kulfi. Sikandar tells Kulfi that from tomorrow there is Ganesh utsav and she can meet everyone when they come for the celebrations. Lovely and Amayra go to search for Sikandar.

Sikandar comes back and Amayra asks him whether he had gone to meet Kulfi. Mohender lies that Sikandar was with him and they were talking something important. Amayra hugs Sikandar and asks him not to go anywhere without telling her. Sikandar apologizes to Amayra. Kulfi thanks Tevar and tells him that she is sleepy and wants sleep. Tevar makes Kulfi sleep on his chest and he feels extremely happy. Lovely confronts Mohender and asks him what he spoke with Sikandar. Mohender asks Lovely to ask Sikander directly. Lovely asks Sikandar what he spoke to Mohender in middle of night. Sikandar says that they were only discussing Gunjan's health. Lovely asks him not lie. Sikandar says that he has gone to meet Kulfi. Lovely confirms whether Mohender dint tell him anything. Sikandar refuses. Flashback shows that Mohender tells Sikandar that Kulfi's mother's diary mentioned that Kulfi's father is a big singer but Tevar became a big singer only recently. 
Sikandar agrees to this. Mohender suggests that they will go through the diary carefully. Flashback ends. Next morning, Tevar tells Kulfi to get dressed as they have to go to see Lord Ganesha. Kulfi says that she had prayed to Lord Ganesha to meet her father. Sikandar tells Amayra that he is leaving for a film meeting. Amayra asks him to come soon. Kulfi thanks Tevar for befriending Sikandar for her sake. Sikandar goes to meet Kulfi and thinks that he is going to lie to her. Sikandar gifts Kulfi a small Ganesh Idol. Sikandar confronts Tevar and tells him that they will work together to make Kulfi accept his house as her own. Sikandar says that he always feels like talking to Kulfi when he meets her. Tevar asks Sikandar to spend some time with Kulfi. Sikandar enters Tevar's house to talk to Kulfi. Sikandar thinks that he will know today whether Tevar is Kulfi's father.

Precap: Sikandar prays to Lord Ganesha. Sikandar sees the locket and gets a text message. Sikandar thinks that it is proven that Tevar is not Kulfi's father.  

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