One of the biggest challenges of married life is to get along with in-laws. Though this goes for both partners, it is the woman who is affected the most. Getting married and entering this all-new phase in life brings in a whirlpool of feelings and truck full of new relationships. It takes time to adjust to these new and sometimes daunting changes. And once the euphoria of the wedding has passed, the young bride must have an answer to this difficult and complicated question - How to be a good daughter in law?

Well, let’s get this answer in the form of an inspiration from one of the most ideal bahus on television – Naira Kartik Goenka. She is ultra modern in her thoughts yet so Indian and rooted in her culture. Here we have some tips Shivangi Joshi gives through her character of Naira on how to become an ideal daughter-in-law!

The family that eats together stays together!

Today, some girls put forth a condition on getting married to a man that prefers a nuclear setup. If you try hard enough, you might get a smartphone separately, but what is the use of the smartphone without earphone, charger, SIM card and memory card?

Naira lives in a joint family and along with spending quality time with her husband, she makes sure that she is doing all that she can in the best interest of her in-laws.
She’s a perfect combination of beauty with brains

Naira is the ultimate problem solver. She treats her in-laws like her own family and by showing her in-laws love and affection she has won over their hearts. They can look up to her for any problems they face. Mansi’s marriage proceeded with Amol because of the way Naira showed them direction and convinced her family in support of the marriage.

Know your priorities

Naira has known priorities since day one. She is on her toes all the time to keep things in place for her family, be it a marriage function or a yearly celebration.

A perfect homemaker

In-laws never expect you to earn bread. Your educational qualifications do not matter do them till you know how to speak and behave decently when you represent their family in the society. The only thing a mother-in-law, especially, expects is that her daughter-in-law is the best homemaker in comparison to the other daughters-in-law of her kitty group friends. After all, she’d like to boast of how lucky she is to have found someone so ideal!

Naira has a vision. She is independent and does not need to depend on her in-laws or her husband Kartik financially. With such qualities too, she makes her home her first priority and makes sure her daily household chores are up to the mark.
The obvious – chemistry with her husband!

Being an ideal daughter-in-law does not mean submission to your husband’s parents. After you are married to the man with whom you would want some privacy and romance too. Naira manages this effortless as divides her time and gives equal attention to both, her husband Kartik and his family.

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