The Episode starts with doctor saying just Sudha can call Rajat. He calls Sudha. Rajat is at hotel. He wakes up by Sudha’s call. He says it will happen as you say, I will manage everything, I will not spoil hospital name. He ends call and shouts why, why can’t I control myself, why do I drink much wine. He takes a shower and gets ready. He calls for manager. Manager asks is there any problem. Rajat says my presence records will be wiped out. Manager says its illegal, we can’t do this. Rajat pays him. Raman, Ruhi and Ishita come there and ask for Rajat. The lady and manager refuse to give Rajat’s info. Ishita says I have seen Rajat here, why are you lying. Manager says you can’t put allegations on us, we have no booking by his name. Ishita answers Rajat’s call and scolds him. He asks what did I do, did anyone instigate you, I will come and meet you. She says I will come at hospital. He says send me address, I will come. She says just reach at address, I will send it.

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