The Episode starts with Dr. Munjal saying Raman and you have a beautiful chemistry, you have to handle his mood swings, he is controlling his emotions and this will trigger his aggression, he is self made person, its not easy for him to stay this way. Ishita says yes, he is going through a lot. Dr. Munjal says you have to stop him from feeling helpless, all he needs is his family right now, get him for therapy regularly. Ishita says thanks, I will get much help. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to get chutney for him. Ishita sees him. Aaliya says Ruhi fell down the stairs, she has become clumsy. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is looking happy after meeting therapist. Ishita thinks Raman can hide his sorrow from everyone, but not me. Rajat calls Ishita and asks how is Raman now. She says we started his therapy.

He says that’s nice, psychology therapy is imp for him, a physiotherapist will come there to suggest exercises, feel free to call me if you need help. She thanks him. She says he is so amazing, who are such doctors these days who look after patients so much. He says thank God, the truth didn’t come out, I won’t let it come out. He drinks wine.
Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get breakfast for Mani. Mani says no thanks, we have to leave for Parmeet’s hearing. Mr. Bhalla thanks him for filling in Raman’s place. Mani says don’t thank me, its my family too, Simmi and I will leave now. Bala comes and says I will come along. Simmi says why, we will manage. Bala says Romi has gone out of city, I was sitting idle, I will come along. Simmi thanks him. Ishita asks aren’t you forgetting anything. She feeds curd to Simmi. Mr and Mrs. Bhalla smile. Ishita says win and come, stay confident, everything will be fine as you are good, this credit goes to Raman. Raman says its fine, go now, you will get late, I can’t come along.
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Simmi says just bless me. He asks how can I bless you. She says your blessings are enough. Ishita thinks to talk to Raman. Simmi, Mani and Bala leave. Raman’s manager comes home to show some imp files. Manager greets Raman and gives him file. He says sorry, I didn’t wish to disturb. Raman says it states that we need to make payment on time. Manager says yes, its last date to pay contractor, we already committed delivery to client, you have authority, Romi and Ruhi aren’t coming office, I will tell you exact amount after going office, its over a crore. Raman says fine, I will sign blank cheques, you fill the amount. Ishita gets tea. Manager says no thanks, I have work. He goes. Aaliya asks shall I send Raman’s therapist here. Ishita says yes, I had to talk to you, I will come later. She asks him to have tea. He says I will have it later, my legs won’t get fine if I have tea. Mr. Bhalla says Raman doesn’t know, but you know Raman may take many years to recover. Mrs. Bhalla asks how can I leave hope, he will get fine.

Ruhi asks where is Papa, tell me. Ishita says Raman is taking rest. Ruhi says you know what Papa did. Mani catches manager. Manager says sorry. Ruhi scolds him. Ishita asks her to leave him. Raman comes and asks what’s this way to talk to employee. Ruhi asks what did you do, you signed blank cheques. Raman says yes, he showed me contract papers. Ruhi says this cheap man was running away with money, its good bank manager has called me, you should have asked me and Romi, you just take care of yourself.
Raman gets sad. Ishita scolds manager. Manager says sorry, I got greedy, I thought Raman won’t come to office. Mani also scolds him. Ishita says Raman will decide. Raman goes to his room. He recalls Ruhi’s words. His alter self comes and asks what happened, why are you sitting here in darkness, this had to happen, you are helpless, you have become a burden on them. Raman says my family is strong, they will manage. His alter self asks what will you do, will you protect them, you are on wheelchair so people are daring to do bad, you are just a burden. Raman shouts get out. Ishita comes here and says there is no one here, on whom are you shouting, what happened to you. He says I m okay, I have become a burden on you all, I m disabled, my mind isn’t working, I signed blank cheques. She says its nothing like that. He says I can’t take this sympathy, stop it. She says anyone could make this mistake. He says but I made that mistake. She says please stop blaming yourself. He says whose mistake is it, I made this mistake, I was supposed to protect you, if anything happened to you then…. leave me alone, that’s it. She cries.
Raman smiles seeing Adi sleeping. A lamp is about to fall over Adi. Raman holds the lamp and shouts to Ishita.

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