Today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Kartik(Mohsin Khan) and Naira(Shivangi Joshi) looking at each other as Kartik mesmerized to see her. Thye all celebrate together as Naira and Kartik imagine the family accepting their decision.

They realise they were dreaming but hope that it gets true soon. Keerti is very happy and she tells Naksh that she was herself so surprised. Naksh asks Keerti not to hope so much about the two families reuniting.

Keerti still prays that everything gets back to the way they were. Kartik and Naira meet under the table as they have renewed hope that the families will be happy.

Kartik says that they will tell the families once the pooja is done. Kartik gets all romantic and will not let her go as he compliments her for how she looks. Kartik wants a grand wedding while Naira wants a plain one.
Suhasini spots Naira coming out of the table and she doubts Kartik is there too. She checks but Kartik is already hidden. Later as the women prepare to break their fast and Naira makes an excuse to go into the backyard and so does Kartik.

Suhasini and Naitik hope the two are fine as they might be tormented by memories. Rajshri knows why the two are away and hopes they get the blessings of the family soon. Kartik and Naira romantically break their fast. The families move to the terrace so that they can break their fasts.

Swarna says that she is happy that Kartik went away from the place so that he is not hurt by the celebrations. They are shocked to see Kartik and Naira together on the terrace. Swarna is furious and she walks off. The families are furious too and they too walk away.

Kartik and Naira walk up to them so they can speak to the families. They say that they have realised their mistake and they cannot stay away from each other. Manish and Naitik lash out at Kartik and Naira.
Devyani says that they cannot keep playing around with relationships. Suhasini says that she had begged Naira to forget about divorce. The families unite in scolding Kartik and Naira for being so callous.

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