Bepanah shown on colors is witnessing high voltage drama with Zoya(Jennifer Winget) refusing to realise her feelings for Aditya (Harshad Chopda). Wasim plans their wedding within seven days. Arjun waits for Noor in the cafe. Noor's boss tells her to work. Noor messages that she will be late. Zoya thinks about Aditya. Zoya's mom tells her not to force the Bangles in her hand. Arjun calls Noor, her boss keeps her busy. Wasim plans destination wedding in mussorie, as all caters and halls are booked in the city. Zoya learns it's Aditya's plan. Aditya messages Zoya if she found a wedding destination. Zoya goes to Hooda house. Anjana asks her why she wants to meet Aditya. Aditya calls her inside as it's her only home.

Anjana listens to Aditya and Zoya's conversation

 Anjana asks her what he's talking. Aditya says he wants to talk to her. Aditya goes and sits on the couch. Zoya comes in. She asks him how there are no caterers and halls available. Aditya says he did nothing. Zoya says that this won't stop her from getting married. Anjana watches them. Zoya tells that she will definitely marry Arshad and prove that she does not love him. Aditya says that she will go to mussorie as she can't marry in front of him. Zoya gives him the contract of her and Arshad's marriage as he joined the company. Will Zoya realize her love for Aditya? For more updates stories and spoilers on Bepanah stay tuned in. 

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