Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Pragya Maha-milan for Tarun Neha uncover new chapter of love story
ZEE TV popular soap Kumkum Bhagya is witnessing Abhi and Pragya's hunt for Tarun (Abeer Adil) and Neha (Richa Rathore).

Tarun and Neha finally manage to mislead Abhi Pragya but eventually Pragya reaches them before Abhi.

Tarun is shocked to know about Pragya's relation with Neha's Uncle Abhi, where they both tie Pragya with a rope and make her understand that they truely love each other,

Abhi makes his entry shocking Tarun Neha and Pragya.
Abhi Pragya realize Tarun Neha's love
Abhi gets concerned for Neha while Tarun gathers courage and takes stand for his love against Abhi where he doesn't let him take away Neha.

Meanwhile, Abhi tesst his love by threatening Tarun while Tarun gets ready to face his wrath.

Abhi finally realizes Tarun's true love for Neha and a right match for her, Abhi will now decide to convince his family for Tarun Neha while Pragya will also determine to support their love.
It would be quite interesting to watch how Tarun and Neha's love story will bring Abhi Pragya close again,

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