Episode starts with Shivaay praying in the Church, Anika reaches there and gets emotional. She goes to Shivaay, he looks at her, Anika hugs him. Shivaay sits unmoved. Anika asks Shivaay to go back to Oberoi Mansion, he says he doesn't belong there. Anika asks him to forget the past, Shivaay refuses saying no one can forget the past. Anika says he cannot stay away from his family and even court has given the verdict that Shivaay killed Tej for self defence. Shivaay says it doesn't change the fact that he killed Tej and he is a murderer. He refuses to go back home. Anika takes Shivaay near Jesus Christ and says she can understand Shivaay's pain. But he will have to go back to his home, despite all the difficulties and she is with him on all the difficult steps. Shivaay lights a candle, Anika takes him with her. Outside the Church, the media suddenly surrounds Shivaay and confronts him. 
Anika screams at the media but the questions don't stop. Anika tells Shivaay to make the media quiet. Shivaay remembers his old self in front of the media and finds himself unable to answer the questions. Media makes fun of Shivaay. Anika screams at them and scolds them for troubling Shivaay. In Oberoi Mansion, two Pandits fight over who will perform the Puja.
OmRu tell the other Pandit that he must be mistaken. The other Pandit says he has been called by Anika. OmRu get furious. Omkara says their Puja their Pandit will do. Rudra directs the other Pandit to the other Ram - Sita idol. (Two Ram- Sita idols can be seen in either corner of the Oberoi Mansion). OmRu's Pandit tells Dadi to light Diya. Diya doesn't catch the flame, Dadi tries again but fails, she gets worried. Diya lights up as Shivaay enters the Oberoi Mansion. All get shocked to see Shivaay at the doorstep of Oberoi Mansion. Anika joins him, both enter the Oberoi Mansion. 
Shivaay gets emotional as old memories come rushing through. As they walk toward OmRu, Rudra throws Pooja Thali on the floor, Shivika get shocked so does Gauri and Bhavya. Pandit says it is abshagun, Rudra says apshagun has happened as Shivaay has entered. Rudra tells Omkara to check with the lawyer how could their dad's murderer get out earlier from the jail. Shivaay tries to talk to them, Omkara tells him to stay away from them. Omkara and Rudra refuse to accept Shivaay as their brother. Rudra refuses to accept that Shivaay killed Tej in self-defense and calls it a well-planned murder.  Rudra says he will make sure that Shivaay get pained and hurt every day. Anika tried to stop them, Dadi reprimands Anika. Anika says she brought Shivaay, Dadi says the Oberoi Mansion and their hearts have no place for Shviaay. Shivaay tries to go to Dadi, OmRu push him back. OmRu remind him to stay away.

OmRu divide the Oberoi Mansion refusing to stay with Shivaay.

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