Episode starts with Shivaay proposing to leave the Oberoi Mansion, Anika stops him from leaving. She tells Shivaay that he will not leave as that his home, he has completed his punishment and hence he has full right to stay with full respect. Anika takes Shivaay for Puja. Rudra refuses to stay with Shivaay under one roof and demands that Shivaay must stay on his side. Omkara and Rudra draw a division line in Oberoi Mansion. Anika tries to stop Omkara, Gauri, Bhavya tries to stop them, OmRu don't stop. Shivaay tries to stop OmRu saying Oberoi  Mansion is Dadi's temple and not to break into pieces. OmRu push him and say that when the hearts are broken, house has to be divided. They draw the line over Shivaay. Rudra warns Shivaay that the line must not be crossed. Omkara says now there are two houses, one OmRu's and one of Shivaay. Shivaay backs off, Anika holds him. Dadi cries bitterly over the situation. 
Panditji says that for the first time that only two brothers are doing the Maha Arti. Rudra says now it makes no difference. Other Pandit brings fire near Shivaay for Arti, he starts coughing, Anika runs to get water, Rudra and Omkara warn her to not cross the line, Anika doesn't bother, Shivaay stops her. Anika runs to Shivaay. Omkara stops Gauri from getting water. Khanna gets water for Shivaay. Rudra says let's do the puja if the drama is over. Omru and Shivaay do arti separately.

Shivaay remembers old days and looks at OmRu and feels odd. Anika consoles him. Omkara and Rudra pray for getting the deal. Shivaay prays for strength to make everything correct. Anika takes Shivaay to his room. Anika says she changed the decor so he wouldn't get the old memories. Anika tells Shivaay how she missed him but how she slept peacefully every night and met him in dreams. Anika says it was because of the dreamcatcher that Shivaay gifted her. Anika says she also has had her punishment as he was not with her. Shivaay stops Anika from crying. 
Shivaay gets sad over OmRu's hatred, Anika says she hid it from him as otherwise, Shivaay would have given up on the desire of getting out of the jail. Shivaay says OmRu have full right to be upset with him as he killed their dad. Anika asks him to forget everything and to live for the day. Anika hugs him.  Anika shows Shivaay his arranged wardrobe, Shivaay says it is not of any use to him and Shivaay Singh Oberoi is dead. Anika gets shocked and sad, she thinks of ways to get old Shivaay back. Anika lights up the room in the night and tells him to sleep on the bed. She goes and gets his medicines. Shivaay finds it difficult to sleep on the bed. He gets up and sits on the floor, Anika sits next to him. Anika tells Shivaay that he needs to move on, Shivaay refuses to accept that Oberoi Mansion is his home. He insists that he is a criminal, Anika says the law has punished him, Shivaay says the punishment will never be enough. He sleeps on the floor, Anika keeps her hand on him.


Rudra breaks the medicine bottle given to Dadi by Shivaay caling it poison. Rudra calls him his father's killer.

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