Episode starts with Anika getting shocked to see Mohit in front of her, Shivaay hides. Mohit confronts Anika for romancing with Majnu. Next day morning, Bhavya allows Mohit to go out of Oberoi Mansion to conduct his Magic Show. Tej praises Mohit and assures that all will be present for the show. The lawyer comes to meet Mohit, Anika confronts Mohit. He covers up saying since his wife is murdered, the lawyer has come to meet him. Outside, Mohit scolds the lawyer for coming to the Oberoi Mansion. The lawyer informs Mohit that the property papers have been transferred in Mohit's name and the money will be transferred into his account. Mohit gets happy, the lawyer tells Mohit to keep it confidential. Mohit decides to get Shivaay finally trapped in Nancy's murder case while he enjoys his new life. Anika and Shivaay hope to find Nancy soon. Anika takes Tea for Mohit in his room, the room is empty. Anika sees a wedding photo of Mohit with another woman. Anika realizes that Mohit was married to someone else. Mohit comes there, he reveals that the girl in Riya, his wife. Anika confronts him. Mohit claims Shivaay killed Nancy, Anika says Shivaay is innocent. Mohit says, no one knows that except Shivaay, Anika and him. 
Anika threatens to get Mohit arrested by Bhavya by exposing him, Mohit stops her, Anika challenges him. Mohit says he is to make Anika disappear, Anika tries to run, Mohit holds her hand, Anika's bangle falls off. Mohit holds Anika by neck and looks intently at the lighter. Suddenly Anika and Mohit disappear. Shivaay decides to talk to Mohit. He finds the room empty, Mohit's phone rings and displays name as Boss. Shivaay throws the phone mistakenly on the floor. Shivaay picks up the phone but misses looking at Anika's bangle.

Mohit is seen sneaking with Anika in the car. Anika tries to free herself from the rope with which Mohit has tied her. Anika tries to retaliate, Mohit does his magic and Anika's hands get freed. Anika tries to jump out of the car, but fails. Anika warns Mohit against Shivaay. Mohit says before Shivaay can meet him, he will be gone. Anika cries thinking about Shivaay. Khanna informs Omkara that Package location is traced, Shivaay tells Omkara to go and get the package delivered. Khanna is seen following the package aka Nancy. She gets in the car, Omkara reaches, Khanna and Omkara follow Nancy. 
She sees Omkara following her and tries to sneak away faster. Teh cars get stuck in the signal, Omkara and Khanna run into Nancy's car, but she is nowhere to be seen. Shivaay looks for Anika. Omkara tells his about Nancy gone missing, Shivaay says he will look for Nancy. Shivaay leaves a voice message for Anika to meet him in Mohit's Magic Show. Shivaay gets determined to find Nancy. Mohit brings Anika to an old under construction place. Mohit tells Anika that no one can save Shivaay. He pushes Anika towards a beam, her head bumps into it and Anika gets unconscious. Nancy gets into another car and gets a call from Mohit. He tells her to leave immediately. Nancy demands to get money within 24 hours. Nancy gets angry when the driver doesn't follow her instruction. She gets shocked as teh driver turns out to be Shivaay. Oberoi family reaches for the magic show. The show begins, suddenly Mohit is seen amid the audiences. All clap, Mohit begins the show. Mohit announces it to be his last show of his life. Mohit says he is going to do the trick that he has never done by which he will get disappeared completely, forever.

Shivaay worriedly looks for Anika. She is seen unconscious on the woodcutter machine, going towards her death. Shivaay reaches there and gets shocked.

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