Episode starts with Shivaay going to the storeroom as Rudra calls him there. Rudra arranges Tej's photos on the floor and decides to prove mentally unstable. Anika gets worried seeing press conference arrangements. Anika goes in search of Shivaay. Shivaay looks for Rudra in the storeroom, suddenly he falls on the floor over Tej's photos and panics. Shivaay hides in the cupboard. Rudra instructs a reporter to follow his instructions to finish Shivaay. Anika overhears and gets confused. Rudra starts the Press Conference and talks about the deal. Media questions them about Shivaay's signature. Rudra declares that Shivaay is mentally unstable and has become mad. Anika and all get shocked. Shivaay reaches the press conference and hears Rudra's words. Rudra describes Shivaay's condition, Anika remains shocked. Shivaay sits near the pool and tries to forget what he saw. He jumps in the water. Media questions Rudra's intentions, Anika says Rudra is lying. 
Anika tells them that Shivaay is fine but is going through a tough phase. Rudra's planted reporter starts questioning Anika and asks her to get Shivaay in front of everyone. Anika sees Rudra instructing the reporter.  Reporters go to Shivaay's room to see Shivaay. They all see Shivaay floating in the water, Omkara tries to stop them.

Anika asks Shivaay to get out. Rudra says Shivaay is sick. Shivaay comes out and gets startled by the media. He walks away, the media follows him. Anika screams at the media, Rudra claps and laughs. Anika screams at Rudra over his actions. Rudra tells the media that it is very difficult for a wife to accept that her husband is mad. Rudra says if Anika accepts Shivaay's madness, he will go away from Oberoi Mansion but then Anika will have to leave the Oberoi mansion and she would not want to give up the luxuries. Rudra calls Shivaay and Anika's marriage illegal. Suddenly Rudra gets slapped, it turns out to be Shivaay. Shivaay screams at Rudra for insulting Anika. Shivaay stands up for Anika, Rudra gets furious and raises his hand. Omkara stops Rudra's hand and tells Rudra that he is wrong.
 Rudra tells Omkara to get away, Omkara refuses. Rudra pushes Omkara, he gets hurt on the head. All get shocked. Shivaay screams at Rudra and slaps him, Rudra and Shivaay get violent, Omkara tries to stop them, media clicks the snaps. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri try to stops them. Shivaay, Rudra and Omkara fall apart. The wives hold them.  All remain shattered and cry. Later, Ropo sees the news of Oberoi brothers' fallout happily. Gauri, Bhavya attend to Omkara, Rudra. Shivaay is seen sitting lost.


Rudra refuses to talk to Shivaay. Rudra's hand gets burnt, Shivaay and Omkara look after him and scold him like earlier days. Suddenly Rudra shows resentment, the brothers walk away from each other. 

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