Shivaye recalls the fight. He sees his wound and looks for first aid box. He says Anika would be knowing, where did she go. Rudra recalls the fight incident. He asks Bhavya where is my breakfast. He calls out servants. He says I will make tea for myself. Om recalls the fight. He looks for Gauri and goes to kitchen. He sees Rudra and asks did you see Gauri. Gauri says no, I tried to find Bhavya but couldn’t find her. Shivaye comes there calling out Anika. He sees them. Om gets a call and says Dadi…

Rudra says I didn’t answer her call, I think the news reached the ashram. Shivaye says she will feel bad if we don’t talk, she will scold us, we didn’t even raise voice till now, and yesterday we raised hand on each other, this should have not happened. Om says damage is done. Rudra says media is troubling. Shivaye says we can discuss this, I know you are upset with me. Rudra says I don’t want to talk. He holds hot vessel and gets a burn. Om and Shivaye care for him and apply ice. Shivaye says even kids are not so careless. Rudra says my hand is burning, its not time to scold, Om explain Bhaiya. Shivaye looks at Rudra.
Rudra says I will manage, sorry. They say sorry and go other ways. Hame chod kar…. plays….Gauri says they can’t see each other’s face. Bhavya says they can’t see each other in pain. Anika says they all have much ego. Gauri says we have seen their love after a long time. Anika says kitchen was their fav place. Gauri says they love each other, but won’t agree. Anika says its because of their ego. Bhavya agrees. Anika says to bring them on time, we need to bring a chance. They join hands. Rudra says you can’t cancel the deal. Agarwal says whatever happened yesterday, we can’t bear the loss, my company’s board of directors don’t want to have any sort of business relation with you. Om says you know this deal is profitable to both companies. Agarwal says I understand, I was having this deal because Shivaye was involved, I want to advice you, your company needs Shivaye, else your company may face more losses, its your family matter. He goes. Rudra says we will be ruined if this deal gets cancelled. Omru go. Shivaye looks on. Khanna says my mum is unwell, I have to go home. Shivaye says go home and look after her, I will talk to family doctor for her treatment, go fast. Khanna goes.

Anika talks to her aunt. She says I m going to Sahil’s school, its last date to pay fees, I m going with Khanna. He says Khanna isn’t here, he went home as his mum isn’t fine. She says I will call a taxi. She says it will take much time, Sahil’s school will be closed, I will go by auto. He says why, I will drop you. She asks will you drive after many years. He says person doesn’t forget driving, don’t worry, I will drop you safely. She says I know. They leave.
She says if you aren’t ready, I can go by auto. He says no, I will drive. He drives. She smiles and says it doesn’t look like you are driving after years. He hears a horn and stops the car. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I got nervous hearing the horn, did you get hurt. She says no. He asks her to wear the seat belt. He helps her. O jaana…plays….He says I will ask Khanna to fix it. She says don’t worry, I trust your driving skills. He drives ahead. She asks shall I play some music. Tere naam pe…plays…. She says I always had this wish that I hear romantic song and go on long drive with my husband. She enjoys the breeze. The RJ says this was a romantic time, friends, life is unpredictable, sometimes a brother turns into an enemy, yesterday Oberoi brothers had a fight in front of the media, Om and Rudra are not at fault, anyone will lose temper seeing his father’s murderer. Shivaye recalls Tej’s death. Anika worries seeing a truck and asks him to do something. She shouts to him and turns the steering wheel. The car hits aside. Shivaye gets up and turns to see Anika. He gets shocked and looks for her. He sees her lying injured somewhere. He shouts Anika….. He asks her to get up. He hugs her and cries.

Shivaye lifts her and runs on the road. They come home. Everyone gets shocked. Gauri shouts. Rudra stays calm. Gauri and Bhavya stop at the line. Rudra says don’t cross this line. Gauri says we can’t do this today, she is my sister. Bhavya says she is my sister too. They cross line. Rudra says Bhavya I said stop. He asks did you see, they didn’t listen and cross the line. Om says anger and hatred can’t be above humanity, look at Anika’s condition, Priyanka get first aid box quick. He calls doctor to Oberoi mansion. He also goes to see Anika. Roop comes to Rudra and says no one gives importance to young ones, this happened with Tej also, Shivaye always got everyone on his side, Tej felt lonely like you, poor Tej, may Lord rest his soul in peace. Gauri asks what happened to Anika. Bhavya asks how did she get so injured. Om says the doctor is here. Doctor treats Anika. Bhavya asks Shivaye are you also hurt, how did you both get hurt. Shivaye says we were going to Sahil’s school and met with an accident. Om asks who was driving the car. Gauri asks were you driving the car?
Gauri says you know your condition isn’t fine, you didn’t sleep since four days, your wife is your responsibility, you are responsible for this, if anything happens to my sister, I won’t forgive you. Shivaye cries.

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