Episode starts with Shivaay returning home with Tara. Anika questions him about her. Tara suggests that they should go elsewhere. Shivaay tells Tara that Oberoi Mansion is his house and they will get privacy there. Shivaay spends romantic time with Tara, Anika gets shocked and confronts Shivaay. He insults Anika in front of Tara over her class and background. Shivaay says he made a mistake by marrying Anika. Shivaay asks Anika to leave, she walks off being shattered. Shivaay thanks Tara for doing the drama with him and asks her to leave. Shivaay breaks the glass with anger. Gauri apologizes to Shivaay for holding him responsible for Anika's life. Shivaay says he doesn't want to take Anika's responsibility and he doesn't want this marriage. Shivaay asks Gauri to make Anika understand that they should end this marriage. Gauri remains shocked. Shivaay gets in the room and to Anika's surprise he sleeps on the bed. He asks Anika to leave his room and stay in the guest bedroom. Anika confronts him, Shivaay screams at Anika that he is tired of her and is trying to avoid her, but she is still going on. Shivaay says he doesn't want to stay with her and tells her to leave. Shivaay tells Anika that he never accepted Anika as his wife from heart, he just accepted her as he felt bad for her. Shivaay says he has no feelings for Anika and in jail he realized that he can never be happy with Anika. 
He calls Anika to be of lower class and not equal to him. Anika commends Shivaay's acting and says Shivaay is doing all the drama to push her away as he is feeling guilty. Anika gets determined to settle the scores with Shivaay and challeges him. Shivaay tells Anika that she yet doesn't know who he is and what he can do. Shivaay breaks a vase and says he can break anything or even a human. Rikara and Ruvya get shocked. Shivaay screams at Gauri and tells her to Anika understand that he doesn't want to live with her and doesn't want to take her responsibility or anyone's.
Anika tries to talk, he roars loudly and warns Anika to not make him angry. Shivaay throws the table and breaks it, all remain shocked. Shivaay sits on the first floor railing, all ask him to get down. Shivaay tells Anika that he is not bothered about his ownself, why would he care for her, he jumps on to the chandlier, Anika screams and asks him to get down. Shivaay says he wants Anika to clear her misunderstanding and he also reprimands OmRu for their actions of dividing the house. 
Shivaay jumps off and warns everyone that Oberoi Mansion will operate as per Shivaay's way. Anika again gets in the room and claps for Shivaay's drama. She again commends him and brings the vase for him to break. Anika sleeps on the bed, and says she has to get up early for Karwa Chauth. She tells Shivaay to put the lights off. He decides to make Anika break her fast. Gauri and Bhavya have their Sargi sent by Jhanvi. As Anika prepares for Karwa Chauth, Shivaay gets hassled that she hasn't got Sargi and he is treating her well. Anika can't find cashews, Shivaay gets for her secretly. Omkara and Rudra feed Sargi to Gauri and Bhavya. Anika thinks Gauri kept the cashews. Shivaay gets worried as Anika is not eating anything, Anika gets happy to see him and says this year her fast will be broken by Shivaay. Shivaay refuses, Anika asks him to respect the rituals, Shivaay says she is not following the rituals properly as she is not eating the sargi like Gauri - Bhavya. Anika eats fast. Later, she asks Shivaay to come home early, Shivaay reminds her that he doesn't want to be with her. Anika ignores him and warns him that till he is not back, she will not end her fast. He walks away. Anika feels confident about bringing Shivaay back to normalcy. Oberoi Bahus get Mehendi applied, Anika remembers to send Shivaay's lunch.

Shivaay tells Rudra that by wearing suit no one becomes businessman, he makes Rudra call him Bhaiya

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