Episode starts with Tej revealing his plan to Shivaay about trapping him. Shivaay gets emotional and says Tej should have just told him once, Shivaay would have given the Empire away. Tej says he doesn't believe in begging. Tej says he hoped that Shivaay would fail in the business once Tej went to London so that once he is back, Tej can take over the whole business. However, Shivaay turned out to be the successful businessman and Oberoi Empire started being known by Shivaay. Everyone started praising Shivaay and so does Oberoi family. Tej says he could not bear this and that he hates Shivaay as Shivaay is Shakti's son. Shivaay gets shattered and cries. Shivaay says he considered Tej as his father, Tej says for relatives like them, it is only the property that matters. Shivaay says Oberoi wealth belongs to OmRu as well. Shivaay says Tej already has created problems and hence he should go back to London as he doesn't want OmRu to know the truth. 
Tej refuses, Shivaay warns him to leave within 24 hours. Anika wonders what too Shivaay so long, she sees him all lost in thoughts. Anika asks Shivaay to rest, she gets worried for him. Anika asks Shivaay to share his problem with her. Shivaay starts telling her about Tej but Anika falls asleep. In the morning, Anika gives coffee to Shivaay and asks Shivaay what's wrong. Shivaay changes the topic as Dadi comes. Dadi gives clothes to Anika and says they will have post-wedding rituals.
Anika promises Dadi that she will always keep Shivaay happy. Dadi asks them to get ready. Anika gets happy seeing her new clothes, Shivaay eyes her, Anika blushes. Shivaay pulls Anika closer to him, Anika gets tensed, both share some intimate moments. Shivaay brings Anika for Muh-Dikhayi. Oberoi family showers Anika with gifts. Meanwhile, Tej tells a man that he must share all the shares of Oberoi Mansion in his name and Shivaay must not know about it. 
Oberoi family celebrates Shivaay and Anika's rituals. Tej talks to someone aggressively on the phone. Khanna calls Shivaay aside and informs him that Tej is talking to all the board of directors to transfer the company shares in his name, Shivaay gets shocked. Shivaay confronts Tej, but Tej remains determined and talks ill about Shakti. Shivaay gets furious, Tej says Shivaay has Shakti's blood hence Shivaay also can be like Shakti. Shivaay says Tej has the same blood and is ruining Oberoi family's respect. Shivaay refuses to give away the Oberoi Empire. Tej says it is not the matter of money, but his name and respect. Tej created the Oberoi Empire but now Shivaay is the owner, Tej says he wants his Empire back. Shivaay says he will not let Tej take all the company shares. Tej laughs and reveals that the legal document of Oberoi Industry mentions that 50% shares of Oberoi Industry are of OmRu and Tej can get them for himself if OmRu die. Shivaay gets shocked to hear this.

Shivaay talks to Lord Rama's idol saying he wants to win the battle like Rama as it is the matter of family and justice.

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