Jhanvi and Dadi ask how are you going London suddenly. Tej says I have to go for imp work, ask Shivaye, he has fixed my departure. Dadi asks Shivaye. Tej says I got an imp contract, Shivaye you explain her. Shivaye says yes, he has to leave today. Rudra asks what’s the emergency. Tej says don’t worry, I will come back soon, I have a request, much happened in this house, Priyanka’s marriage breaking, fake murder blame, loss in business, I was thinking to keep small puja. Dadi says its good thing, we will go to temple and arrange the puja. Anika, Jhanvi and Priyanka leave with Dadi. Tej asks Omru to shop for few things. Khanna reminds Shivaye his meeting.

Shivaye asks Omru to get what Tej wants. He says I will finish meetings and come, we will see him off together. Tej gives list. Omru say we will just go and come. Omru see Anika coming home. Anika says I had some work with Shivaye. Rudra says he left for office. Anika says fine, I will talk to him on phone. Rudra asks what’s going on. Anika calls Shivaye. He says fine, I will stop. He asks driver to stop the car. Anika comes to him. He asks how did you come back so soon. She says I feel you are in some problem and hiding it, fine don’t tell me if you don’t want, I got puja done for you, pandit gave me this thread, just tie this. She ties the thread to his wrist. He asks what happened, why are you behaving like this. She asks are you fine. He says problem is solved now. He hugs her. He asks her to go to temple, Dadi would be waiting. 
Tej gives Omru’s pic and says when I say action, do your work.
Truck driver/goon agrees. Tej leaves. Khanna looks on and calls Shivaye. Shivaye gets shocked. Khanna says I have seen and heard it, Tej wants to get Omru killed. Shivaye asks where is Tej right now. He asks driver to take him home. Truck driver says we got a big client today. The man says rich people want to kill their own family. Shivaye comes home shouting Bade Papa. Tej drinks. Shivaye says I felt you realized your mistake, you want to kill your own sons, call that man and tell him that plan changed. Tej says relax, calm down. Shivaye asks him to make the call. Tej asks him to have a drink. Shivaye throws the glass and says I wanted to become like you, thank God I didn’t become. Tej says you can’t become like you, you are really good, I told you not to force me, I will get Omru’s shares. Shivaye says power and money made you mad, I will call police.

Tej points gun at him. Omru are in market. Truck driver sees them and asks the man to call Tej. Shivaye says I m not surprised seeing this, the man who can make plan to kill his sons can kill anyone, do one thing, shoot. Tej says don’t test me, I will shoot. Shivaye says yes, shoot, I will die, and you will go jail, my brothers will get saved. Tej gets a call and says your brothers won’t get saved, I will direct your brothers’ life climax scene. He answers the call and counts down. Truck driver goes to hit the car. Shivaye says stop Bade Papa, you can’t do this, you can’t kill my brothers. He begs Tej and says take my life, spare their lives. Tej says too late. Shivaye takes the gun from him and shoots. Tej drops the phone.
Shivaye gets shocked. Tej falls. Shivaye holds him. He gets the phone and says plan cancelled, nothing should happen to my brothers. Truck driver takes a turn. Omru get saved. Rudra stops the car and says who gave him license, he just came in front. Om asks him to drive carefully. Shivaye says forgive me, I was trying to save my brothers. Everyone comes home. Jhanvi says its good we did puja before Tej went to London. Dadi asks her to give him prasad. They all get shocked seeing Tej, and drop the things. They rush to Tej and ask what happened. Tej says Shivaye shot me, trust me at least now, Shivaye wanted to get your shares, when I got to know this, he compelled me to go to London, so that he can take your shares, I told you but no one listened to me, open your eyes and see the truth, your Shivaye is your dad’s murderer. He dies. They cry.

Om shouts open your eyes dad. Jhanvi slaps Shivaye. Anika asks her to stop. Jhanvi asks why did you kill my husband. Om stops her. He asks Shivaye to say who killed Tej. Khanna comes. Om says you were here, tell me who did this. Khanna says Tej…. Shivaye signs him. Anika looks on.
Om gets papers and says Shivaye got all stocks on his name. Jhanvi says you never listened to Tej, Shivaye got all shares on his name. Dadi slaps Shivaye.

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