The Episode starts with everyone staring at Komolika. Sid also stumbles while seeing her. Anjali says that’s Nika, she is so beautiful, look at her attitude. Navin greets Komolika and welcomes her. He says we were waiting for you, have a seat, I will call my sister. He goes to Mohini and says Komolika is here, please come. Anjali goes to Prerna. She says I saw a girl downstairs, she is so hot, just imagine, if I was like her, all the guys would have got mad after me. Prerna asks will you cheat my Anurag. Shivani asks what, your Anurag, was he yours.

Prerna asks what happened, you loved Anurag. Anjali says I m already in tension, Anurag doesn’t love me, he didn’t come to meet me, I should change so that he notices me, if I become like that girl, he will be mad after me. Shivani says I doubt Prerna, tell me before it gets too late. Anurag asks the maid about her madam. He says Navin has sent me, I had to convey imp message. She says madam isn’t at home. He thinks I can’t return this way. He coughs and asks for water. She goes to get water. He gets in and thinks I need to find something by which I can expose Navin. He checks around. He gets a photo album. He gets Navin and the lady’s pics.
Sid calls Prerna and says I m outside. Prerna says I m coming, just stay there. She comes out. He says the loan won’t be possible, the papers aren’t sufficient. She says I really need this loan. He says uncle age is 56 years, he can’t repay it in short duration, he will retire in two years. She says I will repay it. He says you don’t have income slips, Shekhar can submit income slips. She thanks him and says I will try to arrange his papers, don’t tell this to anyone. He agrees. She says not even to Anurag. He says fine. She thanks him.

Mohini meets Komolika. Komolika compliments her. Mohini says you have a great taste. Komolika says my mom is a Bengali, I got this taste from her. Anupam stares at Komolika. Moloy and Anupam come to meet her. Mohini introduces Moloy. Anupam introduces himself. Nivedita takes Anupam and asks her to stop embarrassing her. She says you were staring at Anupam. He says its your fault, you allow me once to stare at you. She says you know how much I dislike you. He says my wife is bad, but I like her attitude. Anurag says sorry, I had to come in. He drinks water. She asks what will I tell madam. He says tell her that my work is done, thanks for helping me, you saved someone’s life from getting ruined. He goes out and sees pics. He says I won’t let anything happen to Prerna, since I m with her. Navin praises Komolika. Moloy asks why won’t you marry her. Navin says no, I m a one woman man, I m engaged to Prerna. Moloy asks really. He jokes on Navin. Chobey comes. Navin asks him to come. Komolika hugs Chobey and introduces Mohini. Navin greets Chobey and asks him to meet Moloy. He says Chobey for Anurag released from jail.
Moloy thanks Chobey. Komolika ignores a call. Chobey says you can call me anytime for help. Komolika answers her boyfriend’s call. He threatens to jump down the bridge. She says okay, I m coming. She says anyways, this is a boring party, boring people, its better I meet Gaurav. She says sorry, my best friend has Devi puja, she will be upset if I don’t visit. Mohini says you should go for puja. Komolika takes a leave. She goes and collides with Prerna. Prerna goes. Komolika says forgiven you as you did it unintentionally, but not next time. She goes. Veena says everyone is talking about you. She applies kohl to her. Prerna compliments her and says say the truth, what’s the matter. Veena says I m very angry on you, when I see your face, my anger melts, we have agreed to everything but Navin, I can’t tolerate him.

Rajesh comes and says Veena is very beautiful. They smile. Shivani cracks joke. Rajesh comments on her sense of humor. Anurag reaches home with the pics. Komolika is leaving. He collides with her. The pics fall. She leaves. He picks the pics. A pic flies away. Anurag goes after the pic. Komolika turns and doesn’t see him. He gets the pics and says just some more time Navin and then everyone will know truth, you thought of doing wrong with Prerna. Shivani asks Prerna why is she thinking much about Anurag, say the truth. Prerna thinks why am I thinking so much, maybe because he is interfering a lot in my life. She says but where is he. Anurag comes. She smiles seeing him. He smiles and thinks I have got the proof, this will make you away from Navin forever.
Navin says Anurag has done this. Anupam says break this marriage, I don’t think Prerna loves you. Anurag and Prerna dance and have a talk. He says I had gone to save you.

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