Sikandar goes to meet Tevar. Tevar tells him that he knows that he has come to tell him that Kulfi is not his daughter. Tevar asks Sikandar whether he has managed to find out the truth. Sikandar thinks about Sattu's words. Sikandar tells Tevar that he indeed is not Kulfi's father. Lovely tells Cutie that Sikandar will remove her and Amayra from his life if he comes to know that Kulfi is his daughter. 

Cutie tells Lovely that she avoided a big disaster as she tore away the slide paper which had the truth. Kulfi hears Cutie’s words and wonders what was written on that paper. Lovely wonders whether Sikandar will tell Amayra the truth. Tevar warns Sikandar not to try to take away Kulfi from him. Kulfi gets the torn pieces of the slide from the bin. Sikandar tells Tevar that he knows the truth about his and Lovely's past relationship. Kulfi joins the torn pieces of paper and wonders whom should she ask to read it. Sikandar tells Tevar that he came to know about them during Ganpati celebrations. Tevar tells Sikandar that he must have known that Kulfi is his and Lovely's daughter. Tevar asks Sikandar why he went to Chiroli if he already knew the truth. Tevar says that Lovely is heartless and does not care about her own daughter whom she has given birth. Tevar says that Lovely has mistreated Kulfi so much. Sikandar thinks that Lovely has done all this as Kulfi is not her daughter. 

Tevar tells Sikandar that he should not bad mouth Lovely as she is his wife. Sikandar asks Tevar whether he still loves Lovely. Kulfi tries to copy what is written on the paper. Tevar tells Sikandar that Lovely was the most popular girl in their college and he was no match for her. However, he fell in love with her but she left him. Tevar says that he worked very hard after his break up. Kulfi shows the pieces of paper to Amayra. Amayra tells her that the paper is useless therefore Cutie must have torn it. Amayra tries to read but cannot understand anything. Amayra tells Kulfi that if she knew how to read then she would have read it herself. Sikandar says that he too did not get along with Lovely till Amayra was born. Sikandar asks Tevar whether he still loves Lovely. Tevar says that he only loves Kulfi now. Sikandar asks Tevar whether he had come back to take away Lovely. Tevar says that he had that plan earlier but he has changed his mind now. Sikandar tells Tevar that he will never let him snatch away Amayra and Lovely from him. Mohender thinks that God has made Tevar's daughter live with Sikandar and Sikandar's daughter live with Tevar.

 Kulfi comes to Mohender and tells him that she wants to study but is scared that school will not give her admission. Mohender says that any school will give her admission. Tevar tells Sikandar that he no longer has any place in his heart for Lovely as Lovely does not care for Kulfi. Sikandar wonders how he will tell Tevar that Amayra is his daughter.

Precap: Sikandar and Tevar are drunk and Kulfi scolds both of them

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