Tevar tells Sikandar that his world is only Kulfi and he is ready to forget that Lovely is her real mother. Tevar says that Kulfi reminds him of his first love. Sikandar wonders how he will tell Tevar the truth. Sikandar thinks about Sattu's words. Tevar brings a photo frame made by Kulfi and tells Sikandar that Kulfi thinks of everyone as her family member. Sikandar cries seeing the picture. Sikandar tells Tevar that he is a good father for Kulfi. Tevar asks Sikandar whether they can be friends. Lovely meets Mohender and asks him whether Sikandar knows that Kulfi is his daughter. Mohender refuses. Lovely asks Mohender whether he knows what Sikandar is going to tell Tevar. Mohender refuses. Lovely tells Mohender that Amayra is not Sikandar's real daughter so he will love Kulfi more. Mohender says that Amayra is very much Sikandar's daughter like how Lord Krishna is Yashoda'a son. Tevar and Sikandar become friends.
Sikandar asks Tevar to take good care of Kulfi and Tevar asks Sikandar to take good care of Amayra. Kulfi comes there and tells Tevar and Sikandar that she has become so big but she does not go to school. Kulfi says that she still does not know how to read and write. Sikandar and Tevar promise Kulfi that they will send her to school. Sikandar says that he will talk in Amayra's school for her admission. Kulfi is extremely happy and dances with Sikandar and Tevar. Mohender tells Lovely that Amayra is the daughter of this house and no one can remove her. Lovely says thank you to him. Lovely pleads Mohender not to tell anything to Sikandar's mother or Gunjan. Mohender promises he won't. Tevar offers alcohol to Sikandar. Sikandar is reluctant but agrees and drinks along with Tevar. Sikandar and Tevar drink lots of alcohol. Sikandar and Tevar get completely drunk and sing together. Tevar and Sikandar reach home and they see Kulfi. Sikandar hides the alcohol bottle. Kulfi gets very angry and tells Tevar and Sikandar that they have had the bad drink.
Precap: Kulfi is angry with Tevar. Sikandar tells Lovely that he has invited Tevar and Kulfi for dinner. Lovely gets tensed and Sikandar says that he cannot keep Tevar away from meeting his real daughter

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