Kulfi gets angry with Sikandar and Tevar for drinking alcohol. Kulfi asks Sikandar to go back home. Sikandar returns home and Lovely tells him that she has been waiting for his decision. Lovely sees that Sikandar is drunk so she tries to help him but he refuses her help. Sikandar goes to his music room and falls asleep. Next morning, Sikandar wakes up and throws up. Kulfi calls Amayra and asks her whether Sikandar is unwell like Tevar. Amayra says that they have a hangover. Kulfi is worried. Amayra says that she has a trick to treat the hangover. Amayra gives Kulfi the recipe to make a lemon drink to treat the hangover. Kulfi gives the drunk to Tevar. Later, Tevar thanks Kulfi for resolving his hangover. Kulfi is angry with Tevar and says that he forgot the promise he made to her last night. Tevar says that he has not forgotten the promise and he will get her admission in school. Tevar tells Kulfi that she will have to give an entrance exam to get admission. Kulfi thinks why she has to give a test before joining. 
Sikandar calls up Tevar and tells him that he has spoken in Amayra's school for Kulfi's admission. Sikandar says that Kulfi will have to prepare for entrance exam. Tevar agrees. Sikandar invites Tevar and Kulfi for dinner. Tevar gets happy. Sikandar cooks food for dinner. Lovely comes there and Sikandar says that he has invited Tevar and Kulfi for dinner. Lovely asks whether he will tell Tevar the truth. Sikandar says that he would be a very bad person if he keeps Tevar away from his own daughter. Sikandar says that he wants Tevar and Amayra's friendship to become stronger so that when Amayra grows up, he can tell her the truth and then she can make her own decision. Lovely gets tensed. Lovely goes to Amayra and asks her how she has become friends with Kulfi. Amayra says that Kulfi is a good girl now and she likes her as a friend. Amayra says that Kulfi will join her school too. Amayra says that Kulfi has been taught a lot of things by her mother. Lovely gets irritated. Tevar and Kulfi reach Sikandar's house. 
Kulfi refuses to enter as Sikandar has forbidden her from coming. Tevar tells Sikandar that Kulfi is refusing to enter till he allows her. Sikandar feels emotional. Sikandar asks Kulfi to come in. Kulfi ask Sikander to take back his promise. Kulfi makes Sikandar say something to reverse his promise. Sikandar holds Kulfi's hand and brings her in the house. Everyone eats dinner together. Sikandar asks Kulfi to prepare for her entrance test soon. Dadi offers vegetable gravy to Tevar and he refuses saying that he does not like it. Amayra says that she too does not like. Sikandar says that he loves it and Kulfi says that she loves it too. Later, Sikandar and Kulfi sing together. Sikandar hugs Kulfi.
Precap: Sikandar and Tevar tell Amayra and Kulfi that they are going for picnic. Both girls run away. Tevar tells Sikandar that both girls are just like their mother. 

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