Sikandar enters the house angrily and looks at Lovely. Lovely is eating food and Sikandar tells her that he wants to talk. Lovely says she will talk later as she has just broken her fast. Amayra and Tevar are dancing together and Amayra says she has to go home now. Kulfi is sad and Tevar asks her why she is sad. Kulfi says that she does not want Lord Ganpati to leave. Tevar says that Lord Ganesha has to leave as he takes away their pains. Lovely is happy that her fast got completed successfully. Lovely goes to Sikandar and asks what he wanted to talk about. Sikandar hands over her old Mobile phone to Lovely and asks her to see the messages in it. Lovely looks at the phone being tensed. Mohender looks at Lord Ganesha and thinks why he did not solve their problem.
Sikandar tells Lovely that Amayra got the phone from her drawer. Lovely says she does not know about the phone and it must have come there coincidentally. Sikandar says that Tevar’s entrytheir lives all of a sudden cannot be a coincident. Sikandar says that the phone had Tevar’s messages to his girlfriend Love who he also called Lovely. Lovely starts crying and admits that Tevar was her boyfriend. Kulfi tells Tevar that she is happy to have him as her father and she thanks Sikandar for it. Tevar tells Kulfi that no one can take her away from him. Amayra calls up on Tevar's phone and tells him that she wants to talk to Kulfi. Kulfi does not understand what Amayra is saying and gives the phoneto Tevar. Lovely tells Sikandar that Tevar is her past and it is not wrong to have a boyfriend in phone the past. Lovely tells Sikandar that he too had married Nimrit before her. Sikandar says that he had told her everything about Nimrit. Lovely says that she dixzn't tell him as he would not be able to handle the fact that she had a relationship before him. Sikandar says that he has been trying to find out about Tevar's past since so many days and she remained silent. Sikandar recalls that Tevar had told her he and his girlfriend have a daughter. Kulfi comes to Amayra's house with a cellotape. Kulfi says she cannot enter the house without Sikandar's permission. Sikandar tells Lovely that Tevar had told her that he and his girlfriend have a daughter. Sikandar asks Lovely if Kulfi is her daughter. Sikander realizes that the diary contents were false so  Kulfi cannot be Tevar's daughter. 
Sikandar asks Lovely who is Tevar's daughter. Lovely breaks down and says that Amayra is Tevar's daughter. Sikandar falls to the ground being shocked. Amayra makes Kulfi sit on a chair and makes her enter the house so that her promise to Sikandar will not break. Lovely tells Sikandar that Tevar is Amayra's biological father but he is still Amayra's real father. Lovely tells Sikandar that Amayra loves him a lot. Lovely says that she did everything to protect their family. Lovely asks Sikandar whether he will leave them and go away.

Precap: Sikandar rushes to Amayra's room. Amayra asks Sikandar why he is crying. 

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