Sikandar tells Tevar that they will have to ease of the pressure from Kulfi. Kulfi does her studies and she hears Sikandar, Tevar and Amayra laughing. Kulfi gets annoyed and goes out of the room and sees Sikandar Amayra and Tevar playing together.  Kulfi thinks that this is a fun game and she asks whether she also can play with them. Sikandar Tevar and Amayra wink at each other and Amayra tells that she can play. Kulfi joins the game and Tevar and Sikandar are happy to see that Kulfi is not tensed anymore. They all play a game where Kulfi can revise her studies and Tevar feels proud that Kulfi learned everything so quickly.
Tevar tells Kulfi that Sikandar suggested the game. Kulfi recalls how Sikandar lied to her about her father and she gets upset. Kulfi tells thank you to Sikandar and both get emotional. Amara and Tevar wonder what's happening. Gunjan listens to religious speech and thinks that she is unable to tell the truth although she knows about Sikandar and Kulfi's reality. Kulfi runs away and Sikandar goes after her. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he knows she is studying so hard so that she can go back to village and know about her father. Sikandar tells Kulfi that her real father is not a nice man. Kulfi tells Sikandar that her uncle Sattu also lied to her about her father. Kulfi tells Sikandar that he may not take her to her real father but God will help to find her real father. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she is sure God will take her to her real father. Priest gives prasad to Gunjan. Gunjan realizes that she has got her voice back. Sikandar asks Kulfi to keep her faith in God strong and her wishes will be completed. Gunjan is happy to get her voice back. Later Kulfi continues with her studies and Tevar boosts her confidence. Kulfi asks Tevar whether he will take her to Chiroli after she gets admission. 
Tevar shows Kulfi the tickets that he has already booked for Chiroli. Tevar notices that Kulfi is upset with Sikandar. Amayra asks Sikandar whether he is having any problem with Kulfi. Sikandar says it is a secret.

Precap: Amayra asks Kulfi to wear her new school uniform. Gunjan tells someone in school uniform that Sikandar is Kulfi's father.

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