Lovely is annoyed as Amyara is comparing her with Kulfi's mother. Gunjan looks at Lovely and thinks that she cannot tell anything in front of her. Amayra talks to Tevar on the phone and tells him to bring Kulfi to the house soon. Lovely asks Amayra what she is doing and Amayra says that she has planned a surprise for Kulfi. Lovely offers food to Amayra and Amayra says that she has already eaten earlier with Sikandar. Amayra says that she had gone out with Sikandar, Tevar and Kulfi after the Ramayan path. Lovely breaks the bowl of food in anger. Amayra looks at the food on the ground and says that Kulfi and her mother never used to get food for so many days. Sikandar looks at Amayra picking up the food and feels proud of her. Sikandar thinks that Amayra is learning good manners living with Kulfi. Lovely asks Sikandar why is he taking Amayra to meet Tevar although she has forbidden him from doing so. Sikandar tells Lovely that he is not like her and he cannot keep a farther away from his daughter. Lovely tells Sikandar that he is instigating Amayra against her. Lovely says that Amayra is comparing her with Kulfi's mother all the time. Sikandar and Lovely have a tiff. Sikandar sees Gunjan and he asks her how is she doing. Just then, Tevar and Kulfi come into the house and Tever goes away to meet Amayra. Sikander looks at Kulfi emotionally. Gunjan looks at Kulfi and Sikander and tries to call Sikander to tell him the truth. Amayra shows a school uniform to Tevar and tells him that it is a gift for Kulfi.
Sikandar starts testing Kulfi on the name of fruits and Kulfi gives all the right answers. Kulfi is still annoyed with Sikander and Gunjan thinks why Kulfi is angry. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she will not be happy till she meets her uncle and finds out who is her real father. Gunjan realises that both Sikandar and Kulfi know that Tevar is not Kulfi's real father. Gunjan thinks that she cannot let both of them suffer so much and she will tell them the truth. Tevar comes and takes away Sikandar with him. Amayra comes to Kulfi and asks her to close her eyes. Amayra gives the school uniform to Kulfi as a gift. Kulfi gets very happy getting the gift. Amayra tells Kulfi that she and her dad got the gift together and she should stop being angry with her father now. Gunjan sees Amayra giving uniform to Kulfi. Amayra asks Kulfi to wear uniform soon. Gunjan thinks that Kulfi deserves to know the truth. Kulfi wears the school uniform excitedly. Amayra tells Kulfi that she looks awesome. 
Kulfi remembers Sattu telling her that her father will send her in a school and she will study like all other children. Kulfi runs outside the house and looks at the night sky and tells her mother that she has worn a uniform today. The star blinks twice and Kulfi gets happy thinking that her mother is happy. Kulfi prays that she should pass in her test so that she can go to meet her uncle and know the truth about her father. Amayra also talks to the star  asks the star to pray to God for Kulfi's admission. Gunjan tries to call Kulfi. Gunjan pushes her wheelchair forward. The electricity goes off suddenly and it is dark. Gunjan sees a girl coming towards her with a torchlight. Gunjan stammers and says that Tevar is not Kulfi's father and Sikandar is Kulfi's father. The light comes on and Gunjan sees that it is not Kulfi and it is Amayra instead. Amayra is shocked to hear Gunjan's words.
Precap: Amtyra is completely shocked and everyone asks her what happened. Amayra is speechless.

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