Gunjan says kulfi is sikanders daughter, Amyra hears it and shouts in shock,Sikander and others rush to her and ask what’s wrong amyra in shock,Amyra keeps saying no and says gunjan aunty,amyra in shock gets restless, Kulfi in uniform walks to amyra smiling and says oh you got scared seeing aunty in dark,everyone gets diverted seeing Kulfi in uniform,Kulfi says me and amyra thought of twining in uniform and click pictures just like lovely ma’am and Amyra do,Mohendar says okay everyone come let’s click picture,Sikander starts cheering Amyra.

Amyra thinking why must have aunty said that, and tries to convince herself,Mohendar says take gunjan to her room,Amyra will feel easy a bit,everyone checks the picture,amyra still lost,Kulfi holds Amyra hand but she leaves it,Tevar says now a picture of Sikander and kulfi,lovely asks why just them even Amyra will be part of it,cmon click now,Tevar says okay.amyra hugs Sikander and starts crying. Amyra thinking how can Kulfi be his daughter,I’m his only child, Sikander calm her down and says look Kulfi is looking so good in uniform,Kulfi looks at Sikander and says Baba,all shocked,Kulfi turns to Tevar and says let’s go home Baba,Sikander says she is right tomorrow she has to wake up early and I have full faith she will win tomorrow,Kulfi ignores him and says Baba let’s go home,Kulfi leaves with Tevar.
Gunjan feeling guilty,Amyra walks to her in tears,but walking away,gunjan calls her,amyra walks to her scared and asks you can speak,and you said something when lights where off,tell me, Lovely sees Amyra scared in front of gunjan, and asks what’s wrong, amyra says aunty can speak,she said my name,Lovely says baby she can’t,Lovely asks what did you say to her,can you speak,and asks Amyra to leave and closes the door. Lovely asks gunjan what did she say that scared amyra, gunjan says I wanted to tell kulfi about Sikander,the truth but amyra heard it. Lovely in shock.

Mohendar looks at the pic and says both are looking so cute,Sikander says may god bless them and they grow together like sisters. Amyra walks to Sikander and says aunty. Lovely scares gunjan,and insults her, and yells her for doing that to amyra. Sikander asks what,amyra says aunty can talk,Mohendar and Sikander get happy and go along with amyra.Gunjan apologises to lovely,lovely says just shut up and listen if my amyra has to go through any pain I swear you will see your husband on wheel chair next to you,so remember you can’t speak.
Everyone rushes to gunjan,and ask her to speak, Sikander sees Amyra in shock and says may be amyra was mistaken,amyra says dad I’m not lying she did speak, lovely covers up and says let’s go to a better doctor may be medicines are working,amyra hugs Sikander.amyra sees lovely threatening gunjan.

Cutie says to lovely may be she didn’t hear anything,lovely says mom she did,cutie says calm down,act normal infront of amyra,so that she learns nothing about this,amyra listens to them and asks mom what’s wrong with you,I know you are tensed,why were you scared when aunty spoke,why you get angry when me dad kulfi Tevar hangout and did aunty say right that dad is actually kulfis father.

Pre cap : amyra rushes to Sikander crying and hugs him and says will you leave me and go away,Sikander says what’s wrong with you.

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