Amayra tells Kulfi that she is very happy that her family came together for the Ganpati festival. Kulfi says that she has got her father but it does not feel like a family as she does not have her family members. Kulfi says she misses her mamaji and mami. Lovely tells Sikandar not to leave them and go away as she cannot live without him. Lovely tells Sikandar that she never wanted to tell him the truth as she knew he would react this way. Sikandar hears Amayra scream and she rushes to her room. Amayra gets hurt on her finger and Sikandar kisses her finger. Sikandar cries looking at Amayra. Amayra tells Sikandar that she is fine and asks him not to cry. Lovely asks Amayra how she hurt herself. Amayra shows Sikandar and Lovely the surprise she has made for them. Lovely and Sikandar look at the poster Amayra has made which has their family pictures. Amayra sees Lovely and Sikandar crying and asks whether they din't like it. Lovely says that they loved it. Amayra tells them that they are the best parents in the world. Amayra asks them to promise that they will always be together.
Kulfi scolds Tevar and asks him not to waste food. Kulfi says that this is her house too and she will not make him waste food. Tevar hugs her lovingly and Kulfi thinks she has to make her family as family number one. Lovely tells Amayra that she promises her they will always be happy together. Lovely tells Amayra that her father cannot live without her. Amayra gives Sikandar a kiss. Sikandar runs out and cries. Amayra gets tensed. Lovely rushes after Sikandar and tells him that Amayra wants them to be together. Lovely tells Sikandar that she had accepted his past. Lovely asks Sikandar not to take any extreme step. Sikandar rushes out of the house. Sikandar goes to the park and thinks about Amayra. Sikandar sees Kulfi playing with the cow and singing about getting a family. Sikandar cries seeing her. Kulfi also sees Sikandar and rushes to hug him. Kulfi tells Sikandar that the cow asked her to sing her a song. Kulfi says that she knows everything that the cow says. Kulfi says that she loves Billo the cow so much although they are not related by blood. Sikandar says that relations are made by heart and not by blood. Lovely curses herself for telling such a big truth to Sikandar which she had kept a secret for so many years. Sikandar comes back and he scolds Lovely for creating so many lies to ensure that Amayra does not go to Tevar and instead she sent away Kulfi to Tevar. Sikandar asks Lovely to tell him where is Kulfi mother's real diary.
Precap: Lovely asks Sikandar to tell his final decision. Sikandar says that she will not forgive her for what she has done to Kulfi. Sikandar leaves to go to Chiroli. 

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