Kulfi wakes up in the morning and also asks Tevar to wake up as it is the day of her entrance exam. Kulfi says that from now she will reply to people in English when they ask any question. Kulfi tells Tevar that they have to go to Chiroli after her admission. Sikandar sings a song for Amayra and thinks about Nimrit. Amyra asks Sikandar which song is this. Sikandar says that she sang this song when he first went to Chiroli. Amayra recalls Cutie telling her that Sikandar had escaped from Chiroli and came to Mumbai. Sikandar tells Amayra that they have to go to school and cheer up Kulfi as it is her first day in school. Amayra tells Sikandar that they cannot be sisters as only she is Sikandar's daughter. Sikandar assures Amayra that only she is his daughter.

Tevar helps Kulfi get ready for school  Kulfi sings a song while getting ready. Sikandar asks Amayra to get ready fast. Amayra is in tention. Sikandar packs Amyra's tiffin and also puts Kulfi's tiffin in the bag. Amayra asks Sikandar why he has put tiffin for Kulfi as her father can do it. 
Sikandar says that Kulfi should not remain hungry before her test. Amayra asks Sikandar where was he when she was getting her admission. Lovely comes there and listens to Amayra's words. Sikandar tells Amayra that he was not there for her admission. Amayra tells Sikandar that he always forgets everything about her. Amayra runs away being disappointed and Lovely asks Sikandar not to go after her.  Sikandar has tears in his eyes. Tevar gets Kulfi ready for school. Amayra cries a lot thinking about her time with Kulfi. Lovely confronts Amayra and Amayra asks Lovely why she had to come to know the truth now as she had become friends with Kulfi. Amayra says that she wants Kulfi to be happy with her own dad but she cannot share her dad with Kulfi. Lovely tell Amayra that she will never have to share her dad with anyone. Lovely tells Amayra that now she will have to do something which will make Kulfi go away from their life forever. Lovely tries to instigate Amayra and tells her that Sikandar has been helping in Kulfi so much to get admission. Lovely says that in future too, Sikandar will try to make Kulfi better than her in all her exams. 
Lovely tells Amayra that Kulfi can sing very well too and Sikander will always cheer the loudest for Kulfi. Lovely tells Amayra that she will always be compared to Kulfi in everything. Lovely tell Amayra that if anyone comes to know that Kulfi is Sikander's daughter then it will be a big problem. Amayra gets very tensed and tells Lovely that Kulfi cannot join her school. Kulfi is excited to go to school and thinks that she will write her own destiny after getting admission. Amayra pleads Lovely to do something so that Kulfi does not get admission in her school. Lovely tells Amayra that only she can stop Kulfi's admission. Later, Amayra and Kulfi go to school  Amayra asks Kulfi why she has worn uniform before admission as she had given her uniform only to try it. Kulfi is excited and Amayra asks her why she is not tensed for entrance exam. Kulfi says that she is well prepared and therefore she is not scared. Sikandar tells Amayra that if one is prepared then they will never be scared of any test. Amayra remembers that Lovely had told her to pretend that she is still on Kulfi's side. Lovely had asked Amyra to follow her instructions properly. Amayra thinks that Kulfi can never get admission in her school.
Precap: Principal refuses to give admission to Kulfi  Kulfi pleads principal to give admission. Principal says that she can never allow such children to get admission in her school. 

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