Sikandar asks Lovely where is Kulfi's mother's real diary. Lovely says that she burnt it. Lovely accuses Sikandar of still caring only for Kulfi rather than Amayra. Lovely asks Sikandar to give his decision whether he will leave them. Sikandar asks Lovely how she sent away Tevar to Kulfi knowing he is not her father. Lovely says that she did everything for Amayra. Lovely says she is selfish for Amayra's sake. Sikandar asks Lovely to stop using Amayra as her shield. Sikandar says that she has crossed all limits of inhumanity and he will not forgive her. Kulfi wakes up in the morning and wonders why it is so quite in the house. Sikandar leaves in his car next morning. Lovely calls up Sikandar but he does not take her call. Lovely desperately wants Sikandar to talk to her and return to her. Sikandar heads towards Chiroli. Kulfi sees that everyone is still sleeping at home. Kulfi wakes up Akkad and Bakkad and asks why Tevar is not awake again. They say that Tevar will wake up only in the afternoon. Kulfi goes to wake up Tevar.
Lovely tells Cutie that she is paying for her sins. Lovely fears that Sikandar will send away Amayra to Tevar and get back Kulfi. Lovely says she cannot live without Amayra. Cutie asks Lovely not to worry as Tevar can take care of them. Lovely gets angry. Kulfi yells and wakes up Tevar. Kulfi warns Tevar not to sleep again. Lovely tells Cutie that she wants to save her marriage and she does not want Sikandar to leave them. Lovely makes it clear that she never wants to go back to Tevar and she only wants Sikandar back. Sikandar reaches a temple and remembers that he had got married to Nimrit there. Sikandar keeps flowers near the tree and apologizes for hurting Nimrit. Sikandar says that he will not let any wrong happen with Kulfi. Kulfi scolds Tevar and tells him that he should clear up his own room. Tevar cleans his room and the others also clean the house. Lovely continuously calls up Sikandar. Sikandar finally picks up Lovely's call. Lovely asks Sikandar where he is. Sikandar says that he does not want to talk to her. Lovely asks Sikandar whether he will return. Sikandar says that he is at Chiroli and he is outside Kulfi's uncle's house. Sikandar says that he has come to find out Kulfi's father's name. Lovely is shocked.
Precap: Sikandar bangs the door to mamaji's house. Lovely tells Cutie that Sikandar will leave Amayra once he knows Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar comes face-to-face with mamaji. 

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