Tevar sees that there is very simple food for breakfast. He asks Kulfi what is this. Kulfi says that there was no other food to cook. Tevar says that they could have ordered from outside. Kulfi says that they should only eat home cooked food. Tevar asks Kulfi why she is being so strict. Kulfi says that she has been given responsibility by Ganpati Bappa to take care of her house and she will do it so that they become family number one. Tevar gets happy and says that they will eat simple food only now. Sikandar reaches Kulfi's mamaji's house and bangs the door but no one opens. Lovely is worried and tells Cutie that Sikandar will leave Amayra once he knows that Kulfi is his daughter. Someone knocks the door and Cutie opens the door and sees Kulfi's Mami at the door.
Amayra reaches Tevar's house and Kulfi takes her too her room and shows her toys. Amayra tells her that her parents loved the family number one gift. Amayra says that Sikandar has gone away somewhere without telling. Mamaji sees Sikandar and he recalls the past moments of meeting him and gets angry. Sikandar asks mamaji whether Kulfi's uncle and aunt live there. Amayra tells Kulfi she wants to make a projector. Tevar comes in and tells Kulfi that a projector is something which helps to show a film. Amayra says that she needs help to make projector. Tevar says she should make it by herself. Sikandar asks Mamji to give information about Kulfi. Mamaji tells Sikandar that he does not know anything. Sikandar asks him who is he and he replies that he is Kulfi's mamaji. Mami enters Cutie's house and acts greedy looking at her wealth. Cutie scolds her and asks her how she found her house. Mami says she traced her through money order. Lovely sees mamiji and recalls the day of Nimrit's accident. Lovely gets tensed. Sikandar tells mamaji that Kulfi talks about him everyday. Sikandar introduces himself. 
Mamaji says that he does not want to talk to him. Mamaji asks Sikandar to get lost. Tevar cooks food for Kulfi and Amayra. Tevar burns the rotis and says that they should order from outside. Amayra says that she also cannot make the projector. Kulfi tells them that they should not give up so easily. Kulfi says that she will help in cooking and Tevar can help Amayra in making projector. Kulfi and Tevar sing while doing all their work. Sikandar gets angry and tells mamaji that he is not even bothered to ask the wellbeing of Kulfi. Mamaji remembers how Nimrit suffered because of Sikandar.

Precap: Sikandar gives money to mamaji but he refuses it. Sikandar tells mamaji that he will not go away till he learns the truth about Kulfi. 

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