Mamaji asks Sikandar to get lost. Sikandar recalls that Kulfi's aunt is greedy. Sikandar gives money to mamaji and promises to give him more money if he tells him truth. Mamaji throws away money and says that everything cannot be bought with money. Lovely tells Cutie that Kulfi's Mami had seen her face when she had done Nimrit's accident. Lovely asks Cutie to get Mami out of the house before she sees her face. Cutie gets some money to pay Mami. Amayra and Kulfi reach Cutie's house. Kulfi tells Amayra that she will not enter Cutie's house as she is still scared of her after the ghost incident. Kulfi's Mami tries to open the door. Kulfi leaves before Mami can see her. Amayra asks Cutie who is this woman. Cutie says that she is her guest. Cutie hands over money to Mami and asks her to get lost.  Mami asks why she is asking her to leave.
Cutie asks her to return to Chiroli soon and warns her not to tell anyone about Kulfi. Mami thinks that she will not return soon and she will wait to find out what is happening. Kulfi returns to Cutie's house and reluctantly rings the bell. Mami opens the door again and Kulfi hides. Amayra comes and takes Kulfi and leaves from there before Mami can see her. Sikandar sees Nimrit's dupatta and remembers her. Sikandar thinks that he always feels happy returning to Chiroli. Amayra and Kulfi do colouring together. Mamaji sees Sikandar from the window of his house and thinks about Nimrit. Mamaji thinks to tell Sikandar that Kulfi is his daughter but wonders what will happen to his second wife and daughter. Tevar comes to meet Kulfi and Amayra and they show him their drawings.  Amayra puts the drawings in the projector but it does not work. Amayra cries and Tevar says that they need a translucent paper for projector. Amayra says that their hard work is ruined. Kulfi gives idea how to save their drawings. Amayra gets happy. 
Mami tells Cutie that she wants to meet Kulfi once. Cutie asks her to get lost if she wants her money. Lovely thinks that Sikandar will come to know the truth in Chiroli. Amayra makes video call to Sikandar and asks Kulfi also to talk to him. Kulfi sees her house in video and gets shocked.

Precap: Sikandar begs mamaji to tell him who is Kulfi's father. Mamaji points to Sikandar

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