Sikandar talks to Amayra on video call. Amayra tells Sikandar that she is at Tevar's house and they did work together. Sikandar asks Amayra why she took Tevar's help as he could have helped her. Sikandar recalls Lovely telling him that Amayra is Tevar's daughter. Kulfi says that she too wants to talk to Sikandar. Amayra asks her to join the video call but Sikandar cuts the call before Kulfi can come. Amayra and Kulfi together joke about Kulfi's Mami. Sikandar asks Sattu to tell her about Kulfi's father. Sattu asks Sikandar to tell him whether he had any past connection with Chiroli village. Sattu thinks that he will tell all the truth to Sikandar if he admits his marriage to Nimrit. Sikandar thinks that he cannot tell an unknown man about his relationship with Nimrit. Sikandar tells Sattu that he has no relationship with Chiroli village or any of its people. Sattu gets angry and tells Sikandar that he does not want to talk anything with him.
Mohender comes to meet Amayra and Kulfi and gets happy seeing them together. Amayra goes to meet Gunjan. Mohender asks Kulfi how is she. Tevar comes and says that Kulfi is very happy with her father. Kulfi says that she is indeed happy and wants to make her family ‘family number one’. Kulfi invites Mohender and other family members to see pictures on Amayra's projector. Sikandar tells Sattu that he loves Kulfi a lot and worries for her. Sikandar blames Sattu for not coming to meet his niece even once. Flashback shows that Sattu saw Kulfi in Mumbai and Tevar told Kulfi that he is both mother and father for her. Sattu sees that Kulfi is very happy with Tevar. Flashback ends. Sattu tells Sikandar that he had gone to meet Kulfi in Mumbai and he saw Kulfi very happy with Tevar although he is not her real father. Cutie asks Kulfi's Mami to leave soon or else she will miss her flight. Mami sees Gunjan on wheelchair and goes to meet her. 
Amayra talks to Mami and says that she should meet her friend as she too has an aunt just like her. Mami talks to Gunjan and tells her she is Kulfi's Mami. Mami asks Gunjan to tell her how is Kulfi as she wants to meet her. Gunjan cannot talk and writes on the projector paper that Kulfi is not Tevar's daughter and she is Sikandar's daughter. Sikandar asks Sattu why he dint feel like meeting Kulfi even once. Sattu recalls giving his blessings to Kulfi in Mumbai. Sattu tells Sikandar that Kulfi is very happy wherever she is so he should let her be. Sikandar tells Sattu that he broke Kulfi's trust. Sikandar begs Sattu to tell him about Kulfi's father.
Precap: Kulfi sees that paper where Gunjan has written about Kulfi's truth. Sikandar cries holding Nimrit's dupatta.

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