Sikandar asks Sattu to tell him for God's sake who is Kulfi's father. Sattu points to Sikandar and tells him something which is muted. Sikandar cries and thinks about Amayra. Sikandar takes Nimrit's duppata with him and leaves. Amayra tells Cutie that her friend talks just like Kulfi's Mami. Cutie gets scared and says that her friend has no connection with Kulfi's Mami. Cutie meets Mami and tells her to leave immediately. Mami tells Cutie that Gunjan has written something on the slide paper. Cutie does not read it. Kulfi goes to Gunjan and see that all slide papers are scattered. Kulfi picks up the paper in which it is written that Kulfi is Sikandar's daughter. Amayra brings Lovely to Tevar's house to show her the slides on the projector. Tevar gets angry seeing 
Kulfi puts the slide in the projector. Just then Sikandar comes and Amayra runs to hug him. Lovely wonders what Sikandar has found out in Chiroli. Cutie reads the words on the slide and gets tensed. Cutie tears the slide. Kulfi asks Cutie why she tore it. Cutie scolds Kulfi and also calls her uneducated. Amayra puts another slide in the projector and shows her family drawing. Tevar puts another slide and Kulfi says that this is her family.  The picture has everyone in it. Sikandar hugs Amayra and Kulfi and says he is proud of them. Sikandar asks Amayra and Kulfi to always be happy together as friends and sisters. Mohender tells his mother that Sikandar has gone to Chiroli to know the truth. Tevar hears him. Tevar tells Kulfi that Sikandar should return home now as he looks tired. Sikandar returns home and cries. Mohender goes after Sikandar and ask him what happened. 
Sikandar says that everything belongs to Tevar. Flashback shows that Sattu tells Sikandar that Kulfi's real father was a cheater who married his sister and left her later to start a new family. Sattu tells Sikandar that Kulfi's real father is a bad guy and Tevar is 19 times better that him therefore Tevar is only Kulfi's father from now on. Flashback ends. Sikandar tells Mohender that he will have to tell Tevar that Amayra is his daughter. Lovely comes there. Kulfi shows the torn slide to Amayra. Amayra says it is of no use and throws it in the bin. Lovely asks Sikandar what he found out in Chiroli. Sikandar asks Lovely why she wants to know. Sikandar says that he has a choice to tell Tevar the truth and send Amayra to her real father. Lovely leaves to go to meet Tevar but Lovely stops him. Lovely tells Sikandar that Amayra will not be able to handle the truth. Lovely asks Sikandar whether he loves Kulfi more than Amayra. Sikandar leaves.
Precap: Cutie tells Lovely that all the truth was written on the slide. Kulfi hears this and wonders what is the truth. Sikandar tells Tevar that he knows his and Lovely's truth. 

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