The Episode starts with Tarun and Neha switching off the lights. Abhi thinks what happened? Pragya comes and asks what happened? Abhi says he lost his phone and asks her to search it. They begin searching. Abhi shouts. Pragya gets scared. Abhi says I thought you will take advantage of me. Pragya says I will be 5 steps far from you. Abhi says then my respect will be saved. Pragya gets angry. Neha comes and asks if it is 3 am. She tells that she is scared of darkness. They all get scared as something falls and hug each other. Abhi asks Neha why did she hug them and moves her. He hugs Pragya. Pragya tells that she hugged him to support Neha. Neha tells him that she saw cockroaches, rats ets. Tanu thinks if Pragya told lie or truth and plays flower petals game. Aaliya asks what is she doing? Neha says she was afraid of bats, rats and cockroaches. Pragya says I don’t get afraid of it now. She calls them and says she will show them. Neha shouts rat is there. Pragya and Abhi jump to the sofa. Neha runs from there and comes to Tarun. Abhi tells Pragya that he shouted as he scared of Neha and asks Pragya to keep her foot down. Pragya says if rat attacks then. She asks him to keep his foot down. Abhi says we shall keep our foot together. Tarun says just as they put their foot down, we will throw ball on their foot. They are about to keep the foot down, when Tarun throws ball. Pragya gets scared and hugs him.
Neha thanks Tarun and hugs him. Abhi says I have saved you. They see Tarun and Neha hugging each other. Abhi asks Pragya to come. Tanu comes to conclusion and tells Aaliya that whatever Pragya said first was right. She says everything. Aaliya asks her not to exaggerate the matter. Tanu says Pragya’s child…aaliya stops her and asks her not to talk about it. She says you don’t understand that Pragya and Abhi want to make you mad and then when you go to mental asylum then they will sing love song. Mitali comes to Police station and asks if Neha is found. Inspector says no. Chachi comes there and says she wants to meet King. Inspector says she is Tarun’s mum. Mitali gets angry. Abhi and Pragya understand their plan and scold them for making them hug. He says love doesn’t happen with a hug and can’t make years long problems end. Neha says you both love each other. Abhi tells that Pragya and he had ego problems. Pragya says I don’t have. Neha says you people fight same even now and love can’t change. He says we can’t stay together. Pragya says now you have married Tanu. Abhi thinks Pragya is married to King now. She scolds Tarun for trying to unite them. Abhi feels drowsy, Pragya checks and says he is having fever. They take him inside.
Mitali scolds Chachi. Chachi thinks she shall make King think that she is worried for him. She scolds Mitali and tells that she understood seeing her that she is neha’s mum and asks why did she send King to jail. Mitali argues and says she knows how to free her daughter and asks her to save her son. King tries to stop her, but in vain. Mitali leaves. Chachi asks King why did he stop her. king says I am asking you not to stop. Pragya takes care of Abhi while he is sleeping and recalls their memories. She thinks she knew that he will catch fever and that’s why gave him kada. She asks him to get up and fight with her. She keeps water cloth on his forehead. Neha comes and smiles seeing Pragya taking care of him and tells that she saw seeing her taking care of him. Pragya asks her not to try to unite them. Neha says my feelings can’t be wrong. Pragya asks her to take care of him. Abhi gains consciousness. Pragya says Babli took care of you all night. Abhi says they shall leave. Pragya says no and asks him to rest for sometime. She says we don’t know car driving and I won’t let tarun drive as he is nervous.
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